Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Macaulay Culkin's Father Devastated By Macaulay's Recent Pics

Macaulay Culkin's father, Kit Culkin, was shocked by viewing a photo of his son looking very skinny in February according to reports.

According to "In Touch Weekly", the elder Culkin,who’s been estranged from Macaulay since 1997 when the "Home Alone" star famously headed to court to emancipate himself , is concerned about his son's health.

"[Seeing the photo] totally devastated him. It’s a tragic state of affairs," a source reveals the magazine. "It’s so painful for him."

Kit Culkin could be concerned about the younger Culkin's weight, which has noticeably plummeted. It's also possible Culkin could be concerned about drug use, since his son was arrested for drug possession in 2004.

 It has to be mentioned that the Culkin family experienced tragedy in 2008 when Macaulay’s sister Dakota was fatally struck by a car. "In Touch"’s source claims that Kit Culkin is now especially scared for his son after Dakota’s death.

"Kit doesn’t want to lose another child before they’ve had a chance to mend their relationship," the source claims.

Do you think that Macaulay's father reasonably worries about Macaulay's health or he exaggerates?

In my opinion, it is very reasonable to worry. I admit that I was shocked by the recent pics that leaked on February. Macaulay was hardly recognizable!

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