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Jennifer Lopez Sued By Former Driver !

Jennifer Lopez is being sued by her former personal driver  who claims Jlo's powerful manager Benny Medina humiliated him  and destroyed his career.

According to the lawsuit, Hakob Manoukian states he started driving for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony in 2005 and over time they loved him so much, they convinced him to shut down his company and work exclusively as her personal Head of Security and Transportation.

Hakob reveals Jennifer Lopez agreed to pay him more than $200,000 per year.

But according to the suit, things went south when Lopez began filming "What to Expect When You're Expecting" in 2011. That's when Hakob declares he was forced to spend time with Benny Medina.

Hakob, who was born in Iraq , tells Medina hated his guts from the very beginning claiming Benny would often rip him for the way he dressed, cussed him out in public and told him "he could not speak English well enough."

Hakob claims Medina eventually persuaded Lopez to demote him  taking away his security responsibilities and relegating him to "merely be Lopez's Los Angeles driver."

Hakob claims he was basically forced to resign and now he's suing Jennifer Lopez and Benny Medina for unspecified damages.

Medina reveals that Manoukian was a "disgruntled employee who chose to quit."

The question is: Whom do you beleive? Medina or Manoukian?

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Neve Campbell Dating

Neve Campbell has been dating many men in the past.

Let us examine who dated Neve Campbell through the years before she finally found the right one for her!

 April 1995 - May 1998.

Neve Campbell married Jeff Colt. Their relationship lasted three years.

1997 -  1998

"Scream" co-stars Matthew Lillard and Neve Campbell dated in the late '90s while filming "Scream 2".  

May 2007 -  December 2010

Neve Campbell wed with English actor John Light in 2007, years after they met on the set of "Investigating Sex." They lived together in London until she quietly divorced him in late 2010.

December 2010 -  December 2010

A source told "US Weekly" that Neve and Isaiah had been dating in December, 2010. The actors never confirmed the romance. (rumor)

May 2011 -  Present

Neve Campbell and British actor J.J. Field have been photographed together several times since they were first rumored to be dating in the spring of 2012. They are officially together and in fact Neve is pregnant with her first child!

What do you think of Neve's dating history?

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Katie Holmes Divorce

Just days after Katie Holmes filed a lawsuit against Star magazine for its outrageously wrong reporting, National Enquirer is piling on with dubious claims about Katie's marriage.

Holmes "has been living such a tortured life with Tom Cruise," alleges the Enquirer, "that pals are urging the actress to get a divorce."

The tabloid quotes a so-called "witness" as saying that Holmes is "at the end of her rope" and is "just not the same happy, carefree woman she used to be."

The tabloid's "source" reveals "She’s losing weight and trying to keep her slipping career together while being pressured to have another child by Tom," all while coping with recent controversy over the Church of Scientology and a supposedly "strained relationship" with Cruise’s older daughter Bella.

"There are plenty of days when she wishes she could have her carefree single life back," continues the Enquirer "source". "I think that’s when thoughts of divorce probably flare up."

"It must be miserable at times," observes the "insider."

Actually, it’s probably "miserable" for Holmes to read about how horrible her life supposedly is in the press each week. After all, if Holmes gained weight, the Enquirer would use that as evidence of her supposed misery as well. Don't you think?

In any case, the mag’s portrayal of Katie Holmes as no longer "carefree" is characteristically fact free.

What do you think of Katie's marriage with Tom Cruise?

Is their marriage a mission possible or impossible?

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Madonna Hired A Lourdes Lookalike For The MDNA Wold Tour !

Madonna has hired a lookalike of her daughter Lourdes to throw the paparazzi off-scent during her forthcoming MDNA world tour.

Madonna, who has also taken on five clones for herself , made the bold move to get a body double for her 15-year-old daughter following advice from Lourdes' father Carlos Leon.

A source revealed: ''Carlos suggested hiring a Lourdes lookalike to take the pressure off the teenager.''

The move has clearly worked wonders for Madonna's relationship with her first-born - who recently upset her famous mother when she was photographed smoking.

The insider explained to the "Daily Star" newspaper: ''Things have been tense and difficult between Madge and Lourdes.

''Madge is tense and overworked in preparation for the biggest tour of her life, while Lourdes is establishing her independence and trying to make her own mark on the industry.

''But they have bonded over finding the perfect girl to pretend to be Lourdes. It's been a lot of fun. Lourdes thinks it's cool to have a doppelganger because it makes her feel important'' the source added.

It has to be mentioned that Madonna's upcoming "MDNA World Tour" kicks off on May 29 in Tel Aviv.

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Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth II Get On Smashingly Well !

Queen Elizabeth II is a role model for Kate Middleton and certainly the Queen is an inspiration for Kate of how to behave and work as a key member of the royal family.  

Since her marriage to Prince William last year all reports indicate that Duchess Kate gets on smashingly well with the Queen and is learning how to be in the royal family by observing her grandmother-in-law. According to reports, the Queen is said to be simply crazy about Kate. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the monarch’s feelings of disgust towards Pippa Middleton.

Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith told "The Sunday Times": "When the queen and Philip took Kate to Leicester for the first jubilee visit outside London I was struck by the body language they had and how clearly fond of each other they are."

"I think she is looking to the queen as an example – you can see in the way she comports herself with a certain discipline." Smith added.

It has to be mentioned that Queen Elizabeth is not the only member of the royal family Kate enjoys spending time with . It was recently revealed she has also been meeting with her father-in-law Prince Charles to discuss cultural issues.

A source claimed: "She and Prince Charles spend a lot of time together. They go on visits to the opera and art galleries; they share passions that neither William nor his brother Harry share. They get on very well.  (Queen Elizabeth) has also made a lot of time for the duchess. They have a warm relationship as was evidenced when they went to Leicester."

Photo credit: Getty Images

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Kris Jenner Beleives Kim Kardashian Will Be A Great Mayor !

In not so shocking news, at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Kris Jenner was overheard pimping daughter Kim Kardashian as the future mayor of Glendale, California.

"I think somebody in Glendale was talking to her about holding the mayor position. I think Kim is so busy right now, but who knows. Stranger things have happened.  Actually, she would be amazing at holding office, because she’s so smart and she’s got the kind of personality that she can handle something like that, but I think right now, we’ve got our hands full at the moment." Jenner revealed in a recent Hollywood Reporter interview.

Well ,of course, Kris Jenner is a very successful business woman and it’s actually Jenner’s job to promote all of her kids’ endeavors but this might be more than a bit of a stretch.  According to CDL,  this notion of Kim Kardashian being mayor began with a video clip from her reality show.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian as a Mayor of California?

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Rihanna Stars In The "Fast And Furious" Blockbuster !

Rihanna has been cast in her second big screen blockbuster! This time she will portray a villain alongside Vin Diesel and The Rock in the new "Fast And The Furious" movie.

A source has told "The Sun" newspaper: "Rihanna impressed with her acting debut in "Battleship". Writers think she’ll be perfect for the role. Her character has plenty of bite and doesn’t take any prisoners — just like her in real life. It’s a step up the ladder for her and could lead to bigger action roles." 

It has to be mentioned that this will be the sixth move in the "Fast and Furious" franchise! This time the action will take place in the UK which works well since Rihanna is relocating to London to film a TV series. Now she’ll stay longer and complete the movie as well. Filming is due to start next month!

Rihanna is enthusiastic about the role because she’s desperate to hit it big as a Hollywood actress. She’s already been telling friends she’d love to play her idol Whitney Houston on film. Rihanna also wants to try her hand at comedy as well. She has been quoted as saying "I’ve always wanted to work with Seth Rogen. He is so funny. Even if he’s not in the film, all of his movies are funny. They’re the comedies I watch a thousand times, besides Borat of course, and everything that Sacha Baron Cohen does." 

"Fast And the Furious" may not win her an Oscar , but she is on the right track! Don't you think?

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Selena Gomez Sexy Fragrance Ad

A new, sexy Selena Gomez ad featuring a soaking-wet "Wizards of Waverly Place" star has launched ahead of the release of a new fragrance bearing the Disney starlet’s name.

Selena Gomez’s ad was released on the eve of the launch of her new fragrance- called simply, "Selena Gomez" at retailer Macy’s. In the ad, Gomez floats in a tank amid a sea of purple light and makeup, along with her lip-bedecked purple bottle of perfume.

The fragrance itself represents Selena Gomez’s first foray into grown-up fashion.

Selena explains that the vibe she was going for was "simple and pretty," and she stated in a recent interview:

    "I describe it as yummy. It’s romantic. It’s not over-bearing. Simple! My mom legitimately likes it. She’s so honest with me, she’ll tell me that she doesn’t like my clothes or the dress I wore, but she wears this everyday. So, I wanted to make sure that it was something that could appease everybody, which is why there’s not a picture of me on the box. I wanted it to be about the fragrance."

Gomez reveals that the bottle is meant to evoke the feel of a starlet on the red carpet:

    "The bottle was really the hardest part, because I wanted it to be tall. I like the fact that it stands out, because I always go to the ones that are tallest in the morning. The design of the bottle is almost like a gown, so it represents me on the red carpet. The lips are fun! It makes it more youthful, and you can play with it. I get bored and play with things, so I think it’s perfect."

It has to be mentioned that the perfume featured in the Selena Gomez ad goes exclusively to Macy’s (where it will retail for 35, $45 and $55, depending on size), and in late summer, the fragrance hits Nordstrom, Dillard’s and Ulta.

What do you think of Selena's fragrance ad?

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Rick Santorum Asked To Take A Photo Of Lindsay Lohan !

Rick Santorum did not take a photo with Lindsay Lohan last night , but sources at the White House Correspondents' Dinner revealed to the celebrity gossip website TMZ that he took one of Lindsay Lohan.  

According TMZ, inside the party, Lindsay Lohan was sitting with Fox News personality Greta Van Susteren when Santorum came up to say "hello". Lindsay was reportedly asked to take a picture of him with Greta using his camera, which she did.

Then, Rick Santorum asked to take a photo of Lindsay using his camera.

Lindsay Lohan smiled and obliged and Santorum then went on his way.

When Rick Santorum was asked by TMZ about the picture after the party, he played dumb about the photo.

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Natalie Wood's Daughter Arrested For Coke And Heroin Possession !

Natalie Wood's daughter with Robert Wagner was busted this week for coke and heroin possession after a bad fight with someone in her house ... a fight that led to a gunshot!

 According to celebrity gossip website TMZ, cops were called to the Malibu home of 38-year-old Courtney Wagner last Sunday  when someone heard a woman screaming followed by a gunshot.

When officers arrived, Courtney was found in possession of cocaine and heroin. She was arrested on suspicion of felony drug possession.

The other person involved in the argument , a male, was placed under arrest for negligent discharge of a firearm. Reportedly nobody was injured.

Courtney has since posted $10,000 bail. It's unclear if the other person is still in custody.

Calls to Courtney were not returned.

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Maria Menounos Weight Loss

Maria Menounos never had a weight problem until 15 years ago, when the then 17-year-old gained the freshman 40 (nearly three times what most freshmen gain). Maria realized she had a problem when her relatives began making unflattering comments such as "You want to be on TV looking like that?"

 In other words, if the former Miss Massachusetts Teen USA didn't get back to pageant weight, her career was past! Unfortunately, her immediate solution, reaching for comfort food to deal with the discomfort of the situation, only made things worse.

For those who are not familiar with Maria Menounos, it has to be mentioned that Maria not only made it to the little screen ( she's a correspondent for "Access Hollywood" and "Today") , she's taken to the big screen in movies like "The Fantastic Four."That's quite an accomplishment!

Looking back, Menounos reveals her weight problem sprouted in high school when she got a job at Dunkin' Donuts, but really blossomed in college.

"The problem was I grew up eating super-healthy,"Maria explains. "My dad had Type I diabetes, and we never had sweets in the house."

Menounos took control of her eating when she started paying closer attention to portion sizes. That and her other winning weight-loss strategies are surely no secret( they're all over the media ) but here's her secret in a nutshell: no foods are off limits as long as you feed yourself a steady, but modest diet of nutritious, delicious food.

Maria Menounos explains in her book (it became a bestseller!) how she got back to a healthy 125-130 pounds by setting goals, keeping food logs and celebrating successes.

"Love your body," Maria claims. "Focus on your health, not your body's flaws!"

"It's not about being skinny, it's about being healthy!" Maria adds.

The question is:" How Maria Menounos managed to go from
from a size 14 college student to the size 4 television personality she is today?"

 Answer: Chili peppers, hot sauce, vinegar, grapefruit and lots of water. 

In the Fitness magazine article, Menounos, a former Miss Massachusetts Teen USA, stated she started gaining weight when she went away to Emerson College in Boston. Highly competitive, she challenged boys to eating contests and fell into a high-carb "dorm diet" built around popular college food groups: pizza and French fries.

Within two years, Menounos had gained 40 pounds. Pictures of her from that time show a young woman with a full figure, but hardly what anyone would call fat. Still, the weight felt uncomfortable on Menounos’ 5-foot-8 frame. She also knew that she wanted to enter into the entertainment business.

 "All it really took was a dedication to making better choices," Maria Menounos quoted as saying. "I didn’t consider myself to be on a diet. I never thought about a diet. I never weighed myself. I just started to cut back on everything that I was eating that was bad."

Just to mention that Maria Menounos lost the first 20 pounds in about five months all by herself!

"I worked on everything I ate for a week – every single thing," Maria explained. "I realized, "OK, my problem is carbs." So I started to cut back on my carbs and started replacing (them) with better food. I ate a grapefruit in the morning. I had heard that grapefruit burns fat, so it was the first thing I would eat. I ate a lot of spicy peppers and jalapenos and a lot of vinegar, which I already loved anyhow, because I also heard that burns fat."

It is well known that chili peppers and spicy food actually contain a component called capsaicin, which is found to suppress appetite and actually boost your metabolism so you burn more calories. Though grapefruit doesn’t actually burn fat, it contains a lot of water, which tends to fill you up so you aren’t as hungry.

The other smart thing Menounos did was to keep a gallon of drinking water with slices of fresh lemon in it in the refrigerator. Often, when people think they’re hungry, they’re really just thirsty. Drinking plenty of water fills the stomach. So, you don't feel hungry.

Another great thing about drinking plenty of water is that you don’t get used to drinking diet soda and soft drinks, because then you actually get used to that sugary taste and then your body starts craving those sugary calories.

After losing the first 20 pounds, Menounos realized she needed help from an expert to get the next 20 off. So, she paid $55 for one session with a personal trainer, who gave her a thrice-weekly workout routine that included both strength and cardiovascular exercises.

 "Additionally, she runs on the treadmill, plays basketball with the Access Hollywood crew and works out with a trainer when she's home and does squats when she's on the phone," according to Fitness magazine.

Menounos revealed that she doesn’t deny herself treats. But when she indulges, she makes up for it.

"I think it’s a balance," Maria declared. "I definitely don’t deprive myself. I eat whatever I want, but in smaller portions. Then if I have a bad weekend, like I did this weekend, I’m going to make sure that the rest of this week I have fresh salads with fresh chicken on it — very healthy choices."

"So I get to eat what I want, but when I have what I want and it’s not good, I make sure I make some better choices for the next couple days." Maria added.

Maria Menounos , apart from eating healthily, she also works out a  lot!

"I hired her ( personal trainer ) for one session, and she wrote out for me a general circuit program of jump rope, steps, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and lunges," Menounos declares, who also put in up to 45 minutes four times a week on the elliptical. "In fact, I still have the piece of paper in case I ever regain the weight."

It has to be mentioned that Maria Menounos recently took up Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art. "I started it last year when I was preparing to go to Iraq. I wanted to be able to defend myself if I needed to, God forbid," Menounos claims. "But what I found was that it's the best overall workout I've ever experienced. It's cardio. It's strength. It's reflexes. It's everything."

Additionally, Maria runs on the treadmill, plays basketball with the Access Hollywood gang, works out with a trainer when she's home, and does squats when she's on the phone. "I squeeze things in every which way I can," Maria says.

 "I eat a lot of chicken and tuna wraps, which are pretty quick to prepare. But when I have no time, I'll grab a slice of pizza," Maria Menounos reveals.

 "If I indulge, though, I'll balance things out by switching to salad and fruit for the next meal." Maria adds.

Wanna know Maria's favourite weight loss tip?

 "I've started drinking hot water all day, and I've lost about 12 pounds. It's detoxifying, it helps you digest and it curbs your appetite." Maria reveals.

How do you find Maria's weight loss tips?

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rihanna's Dad Fears About Rihanna Ending Up Like Whitney Houston

It’s no secret that Rihanna enjoys her bad girl image and revels in shocking her fans with her provocative behavior. Those close to Rihanna fear that her eccentric and at times outrageous behavior will lead to a tragic end.

According to the British newspaper "The Sun" Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, reveals that from a young age she was obsessed with Whitney Houston, the troubled diva who lived a life destroyed by drugs and died a tragic drug-induced death back in February.

It’s true that Rihanna’s recent wild behavior has led to numerous comparisons to Whitney Houston in the press and her recent controversy at Coachella really started a firestorm. As CDL previously reported, Rihanna was photographed sitting on her handler’s shoulders and she appeared to be doing cocaine off the top of his head. At least that was what she wanted us to consider… 

In typical fashion, Rihanna took to her Twitter to address the drama in a typically unapologetic manner: "I’m crazy and I don’t pretend to be anything else."

There are in fact many similarities, both good and bad, between Rihanna and Houston.


The obvious similarities are leading to widespread speculation that Rihanna could portray Houston on the big screen. Rihanna herself has stated the following:

"If I was going to do a biopic, it would have to be someone I admire and she is definitely one of those."

"That would be something I would have to give my entire life to do because I would want to really pull it off."

Houston’s friend Malik Pointer commented on the similarities of both singers:

"Rihanna is basically Whitney 2.0. That kind of talent only comes around every 20 years or so. They sing like angels and they have faces of angels — so even without the talent they would have people eating out of their hands."

"We’re talking about two of the greatest talents in the history of female vocalists. Add to that addiction, or at least a love of partying, and it’s a recipe for disaster."

"Rihanna is a wild child. She has the voice of an angel but she can get down and dirty. But she has youth on her side. There’s a chance she’s just getting it out of her system and she’ll find the right guy and settle down by the time she’s 30."

Rihanna’s father believes his daughter would grab the part if it was offered to her:

"She used to love Whitney. Robyn would always sing along to I Will Always Love You."

"She admired Whitney because of her range, her voice, her appearance, her personality — everything. She loved Whitney so much she would be honored to play her. I think she would accept in a heartbeat."

Fenty hopes his daughter is clever enough not to end up like her mentor –with a life cut short.

Do you think Rihanna will end up like Whitney Houston or is she simply having a ball?

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