Friday, May 25, 2012

Britney Spears Left The "X Factor" Judge's Chair While 4 Contestants Did Their Thing !

The "X Factor" producers wanted Britney Spears so badly that they literally gave her the right to do things during production that are not "normal" and that includes taking breaks whenever she wants to.

In fact, Britney walked off the set yesterday during the first taping, leaving behind an empty judge's chair while 4 contestants did their thing.

Sources connected with the production revealed that Britney was "overwhelmed" and needed to leave. People who were at the taping stated she was upset by the audience reacting negatively to some of her comments.

The truth is that "X Factor" wanted Britney so desperately that she was able to negotiate terms that are "unheard of"according to people with direct knowledge of her deal. As one source put it: "Simon is a smart and shrewd businessman who knew Britney could make his show and he was willing to give her just about anything to come on board - and he did."

To conclude, Britney is allowed to walk off any time she wants. And that's just the beginning... Britney can do just about anything she wants and get $15 million in the process.

Who could say no to such a deal?
Britney is a lucky girl, isn't she?

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