Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nick Stahl Officially In Rehab

Missing "Terminator 3" actor Nick Stahl has told his wife he has checked in to rehab.  

It has to be noted that Stahl was reported missing earlier this week by his wife Rose, but e-mailed friends yesterday to say he was okay and would be unreachable for the next 30 days so he could get help.

Stahl's wife, Rose states she spoke to Stahl last night-very briefly -and he revealed her he checked into rehab. Rose claims she double-checked with the rehab this morning to make sure he was still there. And he was!

Rose reveals she is not even thinking about divorce right now. She is just relieved he is safe. Rose states the couple's daughter has been asking about Nick's whereabouts lately and Rose is glad she can now say that daddy is safe and will be home soon.

Rose claims she plans to visit Nick in rehab as much as possible, but she doesn't know how long his stay in rehab will be. 

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