Friday, May 25, 2012

Tila Tequila Eating Disorder

Tila Tequila wasn't just dealing with addiction before she entered rehab earlier this year. Actually, she was struggling with an eating disorder!

It has to be noted that in March Tila was hospitalized for nearly a week and followed up her release with a month-long stint at a Florida rehab treatment center.

"Tila is a really small girl to begin with so she usually weighs around 100 pounds, but at the height of her sickness she was down to 75 pounds," a source close to Tila revealed.

"She began to realize she had a problem when she started to see her bones protruding from her body. It really scared her".

Tila, in fact, hit rock-bottom and entered rehab.

"She was able to gain most of her weight back while she was in rehab and is up to 90 pounds now," the source stated.

"It's still an everyday battle for her, but at least she's sober and healthy."

By the end of April, Tila was ready to show off her weight gain when she walked the red carpet at Star magazine's All Hollywood Party and was even spotted on a dinner date with producer David Weintraub. At the time Tila joked they were engaged, but nothing has been confirmed.

"Tila hopes young girls will be inspired to take care of themselves like she did. She's a fighter and has been through a lot, but she's not giving up," the source continued.

"She's changed so much since returning from rehab. She's much happier these days and more like the old Tila we all loved. We're proud of her"the source added.

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