Friday, June 22, 2012

Chris Brown And Drake Brawl: Tony Parker Injured And Sues Club !

NBA superstar Tony Parker, who was injured when Drake and Chris Brown's posses squared off, is filing a lawsuit against the NYC nightclub for $20 million, claiming it should never have let Rihanna's exes in at the same time and Chris Brown as well as Drake could end up as defendants.

Parker filed the lawsuit Thursday in NY State Supreme Court  against W.i.P. Nightclub and in the suit he alleges the club's security was negligent for allowing the brawl to ever happen.

Parker states he was hit by shards of glass and suffered lacerations to his cornea when bottles started flying in the nasty fight last week.

The lawsuit alleges club management, knowing there was "bad blood between Drake and Brown," was driven by the almighty buck and kept on selling alcohol to the participants in the brawl, despite the fact that some were "visibly intoxicated."

It has to be noted that Parker's injury is a huge deal because it could affect his NBA career as well as his performance in the Olympics with the French national basketball team.

For those who wonder why he would sue for $20 million, Parker is in the middle of a $50 million contract with the Spurs.

As for whether Chris Brown or Drake will be added as defendants, Parker's lawyer, David Jaroslawicz claimed that he's waiting for the results of the police investigation.  He also wants to review the surveillance tape before making his decision.

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