Thursday, June 21, 2012

Khloe Kardashian About Kris Humphries Slamming Kris Jenner :" This Is Disgusting And Probably His Fantasy!"

In detail, Khloe was out in New York today when TMZ reporters questioned her about the scandal that broke out today, according to which Kris Humphries told his ex-girlfriend that Kris Jenner directed her daughter, Kim, to make her infamous sex tape and even had Kim re-shoot it because the first take wasn't flattering enough.

Khloe responded: "That is just disgusting and disturbing, and probably HIS fantasy!"

Well, we have to admit though that this is a shocking statement given the fact that it comes from the woman who defended Humphries just days ago, calling him "a good guy" unfairly caught up in a cruel extortion plot.

It is more than clear that family comes first...

Photo credit: Getty Images

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