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Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery

In case you have missed it, Kim Basinger was almost unrecognizable as she had arrived to a Beverly Hills office building and medical center in 2011, exiting the building with a blanket covering her face.

Kim Basinger , 57 then,  who has always remained mum on the subject of plastic surgery, looked drastically different with her plumper looking cheeks. 

The question is: "What plastic surgeons think of Kim Basinger's plastic surgery?"
Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn gave his expert opinion on whether Kim went under the knife.

"She doesn’t look anything like her usual self!" exclaimed Youn. "I would say that she’s been overly plumped!"

The doctor, who has never treated Basinger continued: "She looks quite swollen, consistent with having had plastic surgery like an upper and lower eyelid life and/or facial plumping using fat injections. Her right eyelid also appears to be drooping, such as what can happen with overdone Botox."

 According to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer: " Often after skin treatments and fillers, the patient can have temporary swelling for a day or two.  In most cases, the swelling resolves quickly.  However, if the patient demands too much product or the doctor in not conservative, then unnatural results can occur."

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer claims: " Kim Basinger’s swollen face appears to be a sign that she may have very recently had dermal fillers injected into her face- specifically her cheek areas.  Slight swelling is normal and goes away after 1-2 days.  If she had recently undergone a face lift she would most likely have some visible bruising as well."

Judging from recent photos, Kim had obviously her breast implants removed and is in great shape!

According to plastic surgeon experts Kim has definitely had a facelift, but the work is fantastic and not pulled too tight. 

It has to be noted that the website "Plastic Celebrity" in the past has run before and after photos, claiming:

"Kim Basinger has been the gold standard for graceful aging in Hollywood. And even to this day, she is looking exceptionally young for nearly sixty years old, wouldn’t you say?"

"However many are now wondering if she has turned to plastic surgery, to maintain her ageless appearance… So far we’ve read about a possible facelift, eyelift and facial fillers… But if you ask us, we’d say those assessments are a bit much, instead it would appear that Ms. Basinger has become quite friendly with botox injections, and perhaps some type of collagen therapy."

It has to be mentioned that Kim Basinger has never admitted to having had any cosmetic help. On the other hand, many people close to Kim reveal that Basinger is a fan of collagen therapy gel, a hydrolysed wheat protein system.

The cream, when applied to the face, sits in fine lines, plumping them out and has a similar effect to injectable Botox.

But while an unlined forehead has become the accepted norm for celebrities in Hollywood those who looked a little closer spotted a few small lines on Kim's radiant face.

In detail, at thirty Kim was beautiful with large breasts due to breast implants and smooth, healthy skin. Over the years, Kim has had many plastic surgery procedures including the removal of her breast implants and at least one procedure to tighten the skin on her face – either a mini lift or a full facelift.

Today Kim has features that don’t look too far removed from herself twenty years ago. Her face appears chiseled and well defined. Her brow is smooth and her lower face is smooth with only a few noticeable lines and wrinkles. There is obviously no sagging skin along the jaw line and her neck is smooth and supple as well. It appears Kim is aging backwards.

Kim is an outstanding example of what is reasonable to expect from a facelift procedure. Her features have been improved with the passage of time rather than hidden in folds of aging skin. By pulling the skin tighter, without overstretching, she has managed to remain youthful without looking overdone. Kim’s lines around her mouth are in keeping with her age, and her well defined jaw and neck are a true testament to her beauty and the results of very good plastic surgery.

What do you think of Kim Basinger's plastic surgery?

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