Thursday, June 7, 2012

La Toya Jackson Plastic Surgery

It seems more apparent than ever that a self-destructive plastic surgery habit runs in the Jackson family.

La Toya Jackson , 56 , undoubtedly followed in her late younger brother footsteps, with her tightly pinched nose, impossibly smooth skin and uneven cheekbones.

It looks like La Toya has taken plastic surgery to the extreme.

The irony is that she once criticised Michael's obsession with plastic surgery, blaming it on the violence and cruelty their father Joe showed towards his children.
"Michael had the operations to remove all resemblance to his parent", La Toya quoted as saying.

The most obvious plastic surgery that Latoya has had is an aggressive nose job.

It is more than clear that plastic surgeons in the 80′s and early 90′s gave everyone the exact same nose! A bad nose job is one that is completely different from the nose you started with (like Latoya). Nowadays, plastic surgeons are going for a more subtle change by refining and/or straightening your nose, but not making such drastic changes.

La Toya Jackson looks like she also has had chin and cheek implants, just like her brother Michael Jackson. Probably they had the same unfortunate plastic surgeon, as their procedures appear very similar.

Following in her brother's footsteps with extreme rhinoplasty, La Toya Jackson is lucky her nose hasn’t fallen off like Michael's.

There are many rumors that La Toya has gone under the surgeon's knife for countless nose jobs, facial implants, breast augmentation, chin implants, cheek implants , lip injections, liposuction  (scarring on stomack)

Juding by the before and after photos, it's hard to believe that's the same woman.

The question is: "What plastic surgeon experts beleive about La Toya's plastic surgery?"

According to Dr. Wigoda: "She has definitely had her nose done many times, probably has a chin implant, breast implants and has probably had multiple liposuctions.  In my opinion, her surgery is completely overdone and does not look natural at all."

Many people may wonder: "Is La Toya Jackson totally satisfied with the plastic surgery result?" 

La Toya Jackson underwent surgery in a hope to get a shaper and thinner nose according to her desire, but unfortunately the procedure went a bit wrong and she could not get the exact results. Now, she has an overly thin nose which sometimes makes her look like a joker. The nose needs to be a bit chubby and bulbous, but for that she will have to undergo knife once again, for which she does not seem ready right now. She states that though she is not 100% satisfied with the results of the surgery, yet she has no other way than to accept it. 

It seems like La Toya has accepted the results of that faulty surgery with broken heart. 

Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif claims: " It seems like La Toya uses some sorts of fillers on her lips like Restylane or Colagen because her lips appear bulbous and chubby and they are bigger in stature than other parts of her face. This is a thing which cannot be achieved without the help of plastic surgery so; we can say that she is a cosmetic girl."

The truth is that there was a bit of sagging skin on her eyebrows which was making her worried, so La Toya got rid of that through a minor surgery. Now, there is no sagging skin on her brows. 

 What do you think of La Toya's plastic surgery?

The sad thing is that La Toya really looks like a real victim of extreme plastic surgery gone wrong.

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