Thursday, June 21, 2012

Music Producer Calls Madonna "A Funky Grandma"

Canadian progressive house producer Deadmau5 (real name: Joel Zimmerman) isn't obviously done slamming Madonna. For those who have missed it, back in March Zimmerman called Madge a "f---ing idiot" after she made a thinly veiled reference to ecstasy use at the "Ultra Music Festival".

Though they sort of made up (Madonna made the unbelievable argument that she was referring to an unpopular house song, not to the drug widely associated with electronic dance music festivalgoers, and Zimmerman backed off), a new Rolling Stone article may have re-ignited the feud.

"You can't to be "hip" and "cool" and "funky grandma"?" Zimmerman quoted as saying.

"Fine. It's not my place to say you're irrelevant. If you're going to come into my world, at least do it with a little more dignity."

To Zimmerman, it was a simple matter of respect. "I understand she has millions more fans, and is way more successful than I'll ever be. But it's like talking about slavery at a f---ing blues concert. It's inappropriate."

Well, if this guy can't stand Madonna at all why he keeps on hearing her music and commenting in almost everything she does? Maybe because she is still entertaining and very far from being irrelevant? As for Madonna's age, he wished he was like her when he reaches her age... What do you think?

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