Friday, June 29, 2012

Official London 2012 Olympic Games Song

No one can deny that The Olympic Games is a major event that embraces a lot of values and ideals. In case you were wondering who is going to perform the "Official London 2012 Olympic Games Song", the answer is Muse!!!

Muse has been issued a huge task. They were asked to make the official song for the "London 2012 Olympic Games" in their native England. What is fortunate is that they're used to creating epic things, like a dubstep-influenced album this year. So, they came up with "Survival." No doubt that this is absolutely epic! We bet that certainly should do their country and fans worldwide proud.

"Survival" certainly gives off an enormous vibe. The song reminds us a classic rock jam that Queen or ELO would've crafted, rife with strings, pianos, guitars and choir vocals. And with lyrics like "I'll light the fuse/ And I'll never lose/ and I choose to survive," you are inspired to run a marathon. 


What do you think of "The Official London 2012 Olympic Games Song"?

We absolutely love it !!!

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