Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paris Hilton's Dj Set Slammed by Deadmau5 !

Deadmau5 has ripped Paris Hilton on her latest attempt to establish a music career.

A super hot DJ and record producer, Deadmau5 tore into Hilton after she debuted her skills as a DJ in Sao Paulo for "Brazil's Pop Music Festival" over the weekend.

"to be fair… the mayans saw this sh*t coming," Deadmau5 tweeted.

Then he posted a video clip of Paris at her gig on his Facebook page and wrote: "AS I WAS SAYING… its over."

Known for feuding with fellow celebrities, Deadmau5 didn't stop there.

"thanks afrojack we appreciate it. We really really do. You are the man. Thanks," he tweeted, making reference to Paris' on-again-off-again boyfriend DJ Afrojack.

"funnily enough, were on our way to go smash the f**k out of Paris… no, not that one. FRANCE. That one."

It has to be mentioned that Deadmau5's attack on Paris spread like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter.

Ok...Paris is not good as a DJ. Why this guy with the ridiculous name always slams celebrities? He always has something bad to say about others. He has certainly built a reputation for badmouthing celebs and it appears that he really enjoys it. Is this a new way of building a fan base ?

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