Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Snooki Implants

After a dramatic weight loss, the pocket size Snooki told E! she makes plans to go under the knife for implants. 

Snooki doesn't actually want bigger breasts.

"They're a good size now, but I want them like this (lifted) when I'm not wearing a bra,"Snooki explained , cupping and lifting her chest up.

In case you are wondering when Snooki will get her implants, Snooki reveals: "Very soon. Very soon. I hope in the next couple of months."

The decision has already gotten an enthusiastic response from one of her MTV "Jersey Shore" cast mates.

JWoww told "E! Online": "I’m definitely taking her to my doctor," whose handiwork we’ve already seen.
"I’ll go in and get mine redone to make her feel better," she added.

You may wonder: "Why Snooki wants so much to get  implants?"

Well, Snooki plans to give herself implants as a reward for reaching her target weight!

Snooki even tweeted that she wants to get "big knockers" like her best friend, Jenni "J-Woww" Farley!

Snooki was making reference to her Jersey Shore co-star Jenni "JWOWW" who has a set of infamous implants and has no shame telling people she had got implants. Snooki has expressed interest in them, but has not admitted to getting implants.

Snooki also discussed the topic of implants with talk show host Wendy Williams. "I really want to get my boobs done but I’m scared. Because you know, like, when you hear those stories that you are under anesthesia and that you feel everything but you can’t say anything. I’m scared that is going to happen to me."

Snooki finds natural breasts "annoying"!

On the show, Snooki quoted as saying: "Well my boobs are great, but um, when you lay down, you know if you have natural boobs, they go to the side and it’s annoying. And I always want them to just stay there."

Given Snooki’s recent dramatic weight loss, she may find her breasts more "annoying" as weight loss can cause sagging and a loss of fullness in the breasts that may be aided by implants!

According to Dr. David Shafer: "Sometimes with weight loss or just with aging, the breast start to droop.  Moderate sized implants can give a nice pick-me-up."

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer claimed: "It is very common for women to loose volume in their breasts when they lose a good amount of weight and body fat. To restore her decreased breast size Snooki can consider a breast augmentation.  I would recommend a silicone implant to give her the most natural looking results- if that is the look she is going for."

The positive thing is that Snooki considers the implants surgery carefully and doesn't rush into decisions that she might later regret.

What do you think?

Will Snooki get implants?

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  1. Shouldn't she have a baby bump by now? I guess we know where she's carrying the baby fat.


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