Monday, July 2, 2012

Katy Perry "Part Of Me "Film: Her Despair Over Russell Brand Revealed !

As her marriage to Russell Brand failed, Katy Perry was so  professional that she was able to perform to thousands of fans on her concert tour.

But in her new documentary film "Part Of Me", Perry is seen breaking down in tears and unable to speak as she struggled to understand and find a solution to her relationship issues.

The movie, which was filmed over her 2011 tour, saw Katy and Russell initially happy and in love.

But as the tour continued and they spent increasingly amounts of time apart, Katy has allowed the cameras to capture her devastation.

As well as showing that Katy was the one traveling the most  to visit Russell, the film also reveals their different attitudes to family.

While Russell, 37, seems to be looking forward to be a father, at 10 years younger and with only a few years of success behind her, Katy isn't quite ready.

The film shows Katy doubling over as she sobs backstage in Brazil, unable to communicate whether or not the show should go ahead.

But after composing herself, she puts a big smile on her face and is happy for her audience as the gig starts.

Another scene shows an exhausted Katy on a plane asking one of her entourage when her next break in the tour is so she can fly and see her husband.

Katy looks distressed when she is informed she won't be able to see him for another 18 days.

In another shot, a crewmember asks Katy is Russell is coming to visit her.

An angry Katy replies: "He should but he's not."

She later admits: "I'm fighting to keep my marriage alive."

A friend then adds: "She should be resting, but she wants to fly to wherever Russell is to show she cares. She's running herself ragged."

Reflecting on her documentary, Katy stated this week: "Every ten days or so I would put everybody (on the tour) on pause for three or four days so I could go back and re-charge and see to my relationship and give that time, which was very intense for me because the show was still on the road. But I made that sacrifice because it was important for me and I had made a commitment at that time. Sometimes I had to fly in on the day of the show, completely jet-lagged and feeling like I had been hung by my ankles, and have to go on stage. But it's like I pushed a button when I walked out (on stage."

In another sequence, Katy receives a text from Russell mentioning their future children, to which she claims: "I will be a mother when I decide to be a mother, but not right now. A baby can't have her baby."

A second text then prompted Katy to break down in tears.

It has to be mentioned that Russell filed for divorce from Katy - who was on tour at the time - in December 2011 after 14 months.

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