Monday, July 2, 2012

Tom Cruise Lawyer

Tom Cruise's long-time and powerful lawyer Bert Fields has stated that Tom wants a peaceful divorce from Katie Holmes who filed papers to put an end to their five-and-a-half year marriage on Friday while her husband was on the set of a film in Iceland.

"I would hope that it’s not a contentious matter," Fields told the "Los Angeles Times".

"I know Tom is not a particularly contentious person."

While Katie Holmes, 33, hired two lawyers - New York lawyer Allan E. Mayefsky and New Jersey divorce lawyer Jonathan Wolfe- to represent her in the divorce, believed to be worth up to $275 million, Fields claimed that Cruise, 49, had yet to marshall his own legal team.

"We’re thinking about who to use," quoted as saying Fields. "We have to discuss strategy."

It’s just been reported that Tom has hired famous divorce lawyer Dennis Wasser to rep him, the same lawyer he used in 2001 when he divorced Nicole Kidman eleven years ago!

It has to be mentioned  that thanks to Tom Cruise's lawyer, Tom petitioned for and got primary custody of their two adopted kids: Connor and Isabella.

So, the question is: Do you think this will be a nasty divorce battle or amicable?

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