Thursday, September 13, 2012

Britney Spears "X Factor" Booze Ban

Britney Spears has banned alcohol backstage at "X Factor".

The Princess of Pop - who joined the panel of Simon Cowell's music talent hunt alongside Demi Lovato this year - has assured she will not be tempted by alcohol, with her team banning the possibility of her accessing it.

According to, her reps stated in a note: ''Very important. We require you to empty minibars of all alcohol. And no gifts of wine or any other alcoholic beverages, please.''

It has to be noted that booze is not the only thing Britney, who is also joined by L.A. Reid on the judging panel, is believed to have banned from the show; beautiful women are also not allowed backstage.

A source claimed recently: ''Britney has stipulated that none of the backstage staff working with her are too pretty or stylish.''

However, Britney admits she is having a great time on the program, even though she did want to quit after shooting the first episode.

Britney quoted as saying: ''I was really nervous. You have all these people behind you and you know they're rooting on you. It's a really exciting, electrifying thing to do.''

That's great news! It seems that Britney makes progress with her addictions and finally she is on the right path! What do you think?

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