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Courteney Cox Dating

Courteney Cox is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, best known for her participation in the very successful tv series "Friends". Wanna know who dated Courteney before and after fame? Let us examine Couteney Cox's dating history below...  

Courteney Cox and her step cousin, rock promoter Ian Copeland, dated in 1984. They also worked together at FBI (Frontier Booking International).

April 1989 -  July 1995
Courteney Cox and Michael Keaton met through a mutual pal in 1989, after she told the friend she admired Keaton's work in "Clean and Sober." They started dating almost immediately and the relationship lasted over 5 years. "It's the most important relationship I've ever had, and I think he's the most wonderful person I've ever met," Courteney quoted as saying months after their break up.

Courteney Cox and Jim Carrey starred in the flick "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," and, naturally, relationship rumors spread like wildfire. 


Courteney Cox and Adam Duritz dated briefly in 1997, after Cox appeared in the Counting Crows video for "A Long December."  

June 1999 -  October 2010
Courteney Cox and David Arquette met in 1996 on the set of their horror flick "Scream" and hit it off. "I'm a little too wild for her," David stated back in the beginning of their affair. "She deserves someone more together than I am." But, things worked out and the two got hitched in 1999 at the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. The pair welcomed a daughter named Coco in June 2004. On October 11, 2010, the couple issued a statement confirming reports that they had separated. According to the statement they are still friends and plan to continue to raise daughter Coco together.

It was rumored that Courteney Cox and her "Cougar Town" co-star Brian Van Holt have been seeing each other at the time Cox and her husband David Arquette announced they had separated. In an interview in October 2010, David revealed his wife denied a romance with Van Holt.

Courteney Cox stopped by the "Anderson" show Tuesday to dish on her dating difficulties since her divorce from her husband of 11 years, David Arquette. Cox - who earlier this month revealed to Howard Stern that she's been celibate since the October 2010 split - told Cooper she she was "easing" her way back into the dating scene, with Arquette's support.

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