Thursday, September 20, 2012

Heidi Klum Topless Photos: Plans For A Lawsuit

Heidi Klum has decided to take a page from Kate Middleton’s book and get revenge on a photographer who snapped a few topless photos of her.

Klum is reportedly distraught over pictures of herself not wearing a bikini top that were recently published in a French magazine and is now thinking of filing a lawsuit against the paparazzo who caught her in the nude.

In light of recent news, the case sounds awfully familiar and according to TMZ, Heidi hopes to use Kate’s invasion of privacy as an example for her own case. Just like the Duchess of Cambridge, Heidi claims that the photographer violated her right to privacy because she was in a private, secluded area at the time the pictures were snapped.

So, the question is: "Do celebrities have the right to sue or should they know better than to go outside topless, even if it is in the "privacy" of their own property?

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