Saturday, September 15, 2012

Transgender Woman: "Anti-Hair Loss Pills Changed My Gender Identity"

A Florida man reveals that anti-hair loss pills changed his gender identity and he's now living as a woman. In a recent interview with Anderson Cooper, he opened up about his unexpected change.

William McKee, 38, was a married dad of one when he ordered a generic form of Propecia from an FDA-approved manufacturing plant in India and he states that after just a few months on the pills, his body felt more feminine and he went through what he calls "a life and death struggle."

Now she's Mandi, and told Anderson that the changes in her body triggered a deep depression and her marriage ruined.

"I went into severe depression, and by the time I got to 2011, my marriage had ended and I was living alone," Mandi quoted as saying.

"I was having physical feminisation symptoms in my body, breast growth, other symptoms like that, and emotionally I was having female type feelings as well."

After a long struggle, Mandi eventually embraced her transgender identity.

"I said: "I'm going to pick myself up and move forward." I started going to counseling," Mandi told Anderson.

But as a newly out face for the LGBT community, Anderson found Mandi's story hard to believe.

"These feelings (about gender change) don't come out of a prescription bottle," Anderson claimed.

Mandi admits to questioning her sexuality in the past, but revealed she never had a desire to be a woman - until something in the pills triggered it.

"I had never worn a piece of women's clothing. I have admitted publicly on my blog and in a couple of other interviews that I told my ex-wife as I was going through this, and my family, that I had questioned my sexuality a little when I was younger,"Mandi insisted.

"I did have an uncle who was gay, and when I was younger I thought maybe... I questioned if I was bisexual, but I decided I liked women" Mandi added.

It has to be mentioned that Mandi is no longer taking the anti-hair loss pills and claims the changes in her body have remained so she plans to continue with her transition.

It is very hard to beleive that story. It looks like he was gay before but he didn't have the courage to admit it to his  wife. On a funny note, it sounds like he purchased hormones overseas and then just told his wife they were anti-hair loss pills. Supposedly these pills changed his gender identity, why not take some testosterone then? The irony is that he stopped taking the pills and put on a wig...Crazy! What do you think?

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