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Emma Samms Plastic Surgery

Just in case you don't remember or haven't heard before of Emma Samms, Samms is a British television actress best known for her role as Holly Sutton on the American daytime soap opera "General Hospital" and for replacing Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon Carrington Colby on the prime time soap opera "Dynasty".

Emma Samms, 52, has aged graciously over the years as you can see from the before and after photos. The question is: "Did Emma Samms have plastic surgery in order to maintain her looks?"

At first glance Samms doesn't look like she had work done. She has apparently aged, but she has not transformed into a completely different person like the most of celebrities. She has the hint of puffiness and gravity that comes in the face with time.

When Samms appeared at a London premiere in 2012, she was really gorgeous!

If Samms is 100% natural, what's her anti-aging secret?

Emma Samms revealed that she is a big fan of Isolagen. (she was so excited that she promoted it!) She learned about the method when she began searching for alternatives to traditional plastic surgery.

"I've never had any kind of plastic surgery, but I had gotten to the point where I was finding myself very interested," Samms was quoted as saying.

In detail, Samms met with Dr. Dan Goldberg, who has offered Isolagen to patients in London for nearly two years.

Goldberg stated that Isolagen works because it helps reverse what happens when the fibroblasts, which are found in all connective tissues of the skin, begin to decrease.

"Fine lines seem to be filled out and deeper lines seem to be plumped up," Goldberg claimed. "As far as medical risks go, it looks as though they are minimal." 

After just a couple of months, Samms admitted she began to see a change in the wrinkles in her brow and around her mouth.

"Slowly, very gradually, they just sort of disappeared, in the most natural way you can imagine," Samms revealed.

Sexauer insists that Samms will continue to see improvements as time passes.

"With many patients, they'll begin to see an improvement in as little as 30 days. But the way our process works, is that they'll continue to see enhanced improvements over a period of 12 to 18 months," Sexauer claimed.

"It's very comforting for me knowing that if I get a new wrinkle, it could be taken care of," Samms admitted. 

In a few words, Isolagen was billed as a non-surgical facelift when it was launched in a huge publicity campaign in the UK four years ago.

It is speculated that 7,000 women signed up for the procedure, which involved injecting collagen cells grown from patients' skin.

But because it was not deemed to be a medicine in Britain, it did not need regulation.

The truth is there were many complaints
from customers who claimed they had been misled (including some celebrities too!). As a consequence, an investigation began as well as a legal battle...

According to plastic surgeon experts, Isolagen is a very expensive filler. The creases appear again and as with any filler it needs topping up again.

Result: Isolagen treatments are no longer available in the UK.

Now that it has been proved by professionals that Isolagen doesn't work, what is Emma Samms' secret to anti-aging?

The question is: "Did you think that Emma Samms had plastic surgery or the Isolagen (exceptionally!) worked miracles for her?"

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