Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jennifer Grey Quotes

1. When I think of him, I think of being in his arms when we were kids, dancing, practicing the lift in the freezing lake, having a blast doing this tiny little movie we thought no one would ever see. He was a real cowboy with a tender heart. Which is why it was not surprising to me that the war he waged on his cancer was so courageous and dignified. Patrick was a rare and beautiful combination of raw masculinity and amazing grace. My heart goes out to his wife and childhood sweetheart, Lisa Niemi Swayze, to his mom, Patsy Swayze, and to the whole family. (on the death of Patrick Swayze - Imdb)

2. After dwts it (the pain) just got worse and worse, so do whatcha gotta do. ain't no thang. pain is just a feeling. then its gone. (in a twitter tweet, on why she took surgery / February 15, 2011)

3. duudes, hard to believe, but i just had my foot operated on, so hopefully i can walk again. gotta dance.miss u all. (in a twitter tweet, after the surgery to have a neuroma removed from her foot / February 15, 2011)

4. I had a neuroma the size of a small city removed, i think i went down a shoe size on one foot. I guess that's the price of doing business when you kick ass like that at my age.. haha (about the surgery to have a neuroma removed from her foot / February 15, 2011)

5. I feel his presence right now very strongly. This week especially, because it’s the anniversary of his death. (Patrick) is the only person I’ve ever actually (danced with) with before Derek Hough, so it’s a pretty intense sense memory. (September 21, 2010)

6. She actually sent me an e-mail last week saying that she’s rooting for me and thinking about me. I was very moved by that and very happy that she sent that to me. If I fall on my butt, then it’ll probably be really good for ratings. It’ll make the entertainment value go up. When I try to be perfect, it makes me not have fun. So what I’m trying to do is just be real, be in the struggle and let the struggle be pleasurable. (September 21, 2010)

7. Patrick was one of the most fearless people I’ve ever met. (He) really embraced life and was all about going for it. I have been living my life very differently (to how Patrick lived his), and right now - especially since his passing, and my surgeries and having had cancer myself, and turning 50, and seeing so many of my friends with cancer who are my age - it’s kind of (an) epidemic. It’s given me a sense of: "If not now, when?" When are you supposed to reclaim the joy that you had as a young person? (Jennifer Grey saying Patrick Swayze inspired her to take part on Dancing With the Stars / September 16, 2010)

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