Friday, October 19, 2012

Julie Andrews Surgery

By the mid-1990s, a lifetime of singing had completely damaged Julie Andrews' voice. As a result, Julie had throat surgery in 1997, an operation that left her amazing voice permanently ruined.  

 "It was not a successful operation, and tissue was removed. I didn't have cancer, I didn't have nodules, I didn't have anything," Julie Andrews told Oprah. "When you work on Broadway eight shows a week for a very long time ... a certain kind of muscular striation happens on the vocal chords. A lot of Broadway singers get it. So, sadly, I had to work to deal with the loss of a voice because it just didn't come back."

As Andrews reveals, the specific problem with her vocal chords is that they don't meet. "Wind just whistled through the vocal chords that would not come together because tissue was missing," Julie was quoted as saying. "I have a about six good low, low notes, and I can sing the hell out of "Old Man River.""

Julie claims she was in denial that her voice was gone for about a year. "I just thought I was taking a long time to heal, but the voice sounds like it's chalk on a blackboard when I sing certain notes," Andrews admits.

Do you wanna know who cured Julie Andrews' voice and how?  Check out below...

Steven Zeitels, professor of laryngeal surgery at Harvard Medical School, has created a new gel for Julie!

After undergoing 
throat surgery to remove non-cancerous growths, Julie Andrews was left with scarring on her vocal cords, so sought Professor Zeitels’s help.

Although he could do nothing at that time, he had begun early-stage research on injectable treatments for vocal cord scarring and his contact with Julie inspired him to follow this avenue of research.

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