Monday, October 22, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Conservatorship

According to celebrity website TMZ, Michael Lohan will go to court in an attempt to get a conservatorship for his daughter, Lindsay Lohan.

Michael has revealed to an attorney, his daughter is in the danger zone ... a substance abuser, who is hanging with the wrong group of people, including her mother: Dina Lohan.

In detail, Michael will meet with lawyers early this week, and there's one thing he wants -  he will not become Lindsay's conservator, because he doesn't want to run her finances so people will pass it off as a money grab. Michael wants the judge to decide who to appoint conservator, but he states it can't be Dina.

Michael told the lawyer the first thing he will do if there's a conservatorship is convince the conservator to send Lindsay to rehab, without the influence of the other people in her life.  Michael claims every time Lindsay has been to rehab - including at Cirque Lodge and Betty Ford - "She went in dirty and didn't come out clean," and he blames it on the people in her life who helped fuel her drug addiction.

Michael also told the lawyer he wants the conservator to somehow persuade Dina that they need family therapy.  He states Dina has always denied it in the past and it has been a big stumbling block in Lindsay's recovery.

It has to be noted that Lindsay's management team, including her lawyers, were all involved in Michael Lohan's attempted intervention Friday. 

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