Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MJ Estate And Paul Anka Lawsuit Over "This Is It"

A music producer reveals he's owed at least $24 million for his work on the Paul Anka/Michael Jackson collaboration "This Is it".  Now, he's filing a lawsuit against Anka and the MJ Estate for the money.

In detail, the producer - named Michael Jonzun - filed the lawsuit in Massachusetts federal court, stating he helped remake Paul and MJ's 1983 song "I Never Heard" into what eventually became MJ's 2009 song "This Is It."

According to the lawsuit, Jonzun owns one-third of "This Is It" but he never got paid his share of the song's proceeds. 

Paul Anka told celebrity website TMZ, he has never even heard the name Michael Jonzun before today and any claims Jonzun owns a portion of "This Is It" are "BS"

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