Monday, October 29, 2012

Steve Jobs Yacht Unveiled

A year after Steve Jobs' passing, his family have helped launch the super yacht Jobs designed in the Netherlands.

In detail, according to Business Insider Jobs reportedly spent years designing the 250-foot yacht called "Venus" which is steered from the control room or wheelhouse by a group of 27-inch iMacs.

It has to be noted that the light-weight yacht - named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty - is 80 meters long and its sleek design with a line of large square windows and the minimalist sun deck would be familiar to Apple fans.

The ship's main windows were designed using a special glass that Apple stores designers made to support the structure.

With an aluminum hull and exterior as well as its own speed boat, the ship is considered to be both lighter and faster than the average yacht.

According to
Jobs’ biographer Walter Isaacson, French designer Philippe Starck helped Jobs create the sleek interior which features a jacuzzi and ten-foot high window panels for the cabins which are forty feet long.

According to The Verge, those who worked on the ship each received an iPod shuffle with the ship’s name engraved on the back as well as a thank-you note from the Jobs family for their "hardwork and craftsmanship".

What do you think of Steve Jobs' super yacht? Amazing eh?

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