Thursday, November 29, 2012

Michael Lohan On Lindsay's Arrest

According to Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's father, Lindsay's latest arrest is the result of being "in a dark place."  

"Both (Dina) and Lindsay are in a dark place," Michael revealed of his ex-wife and daughter.

"I told you exactly what would happen and you know I was trying to get Dina on board with me for a long time, but especially the last two weeks," Lohan was quoted as saying.

Michael Lohan spoke shortly after news broke of Lindsay's arrest in New York.

Michael claimed that Dina doesn't cooperate with him in getting Lindsay help and added if Dina had been on board with his plan: "this wouldn't have happened!

"Lindsay is acting out in numerous ways because she needs us and internally she's hurt and angry! Again, it's all on Dina and I wish to God she would stop and resolve things with us to do the same for our children," Lohan continued.

It has to be mentioned that earlier Thursday morning, Michael sent out a series of tweets, writing: "This is for all parents who go or went thru the same! Please don't make the mistakes!

"Do you see what I mean when our children don't have both parents there for them and on the same page! I have tried and tried but takes two!" Lohan wrote.

"I have been trying for years and especially over the past two weeks but my pleas have gone unheard children need both parents, not alienation,"
Lohan added.

What do you think of Michael Lohan's statement?

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