Thursday, December 6, 2012

Facts On Taylor Swift

Just in the extremely rare case you haven't heard before of Taylor Swift, 22, Swift is an American singer-songwriter. Feel free to check out below some facts on Taylor Swift...

1. Born: December 13, 1989
2. When she started playing guitar: age 12
3. Eyes: bright blue
4. Hometown: Pennsylvania

5. Favorite color: white
6. Favorite animal: cat/ kitten
7. Favorite food: cheesecake
8. Hobbies: boating, watching movies, and songwriting
9. Height: 5'11
10. Favorite holiday: Christmas
11. Favorite number: 13
12. Most important thing: love
13. Taylor is superstitious (ex. knocks on wood constantly)
14. Favorite sport: Hockey

15. Things to Wear: Sundress and cowboy boots
16. Favorite T.V. Shows: CSI and Grey's Anatomy
17. Favorite book: To Kill A Mockingbird
18. Favorite song: Can't Tell Me Nothin' by Tim McGraw
19. Favorite season: Summer
20. Favorite movie: Love Actually
21. The first song Taylor ever wrote was "So Happy"

22. Taylor has written over 200 songs.
23. She plays guitar and piano
24. Driving scares her. (Taylor has been in three accidents.)
25. She won a Nation Poetry contest in 4th grade for a poem she wrote.
26. Taylor wrote a 350-page novel but never had it published
27. All of her songs are written about true experiences and feelings.
28. Taylor's mom wanted to name her Taylor because if you saw her name on a bussiness card you wouldn't know if it was a boy or girl.
29. Taylor's dream was to die on CSI

What do you think of the facts on Taylor Swift?

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