Sunday, January 6, 2013

Does Rachel Weisz Support Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy ?

According to the January 14 print issue of the GLOBE, Rachel Weisz, 42, has made the mistake of stating publicly that a glass of wine after the first trimester of pregnancy is A-OK. Needless to say that this statement has led to more than a little backlash, as people (in general) don't like the idea of a Hollywood celebrity supporting even the slightest amount of alcohol drinking during pregnancy - not to mention that even experts have called Weisz's comments "dangerous and irresponsible."

There is no way Weisz meant throwing back glasses of wine during pregnancy... As it is common in tabloids, Weisz's original comments were sliced and diced for a more catchy and scandalous story, simply because to attract the public opinion.

What do you think? Is Rachel Weisz the kind of person who would advise mothers-to-be to drink alcohol during pregnancy?

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  1. I think Rachel is a intelligent and grown up woman and I don`t think she ever said it like that. And even if she did, every human being is responsible for oneself and should know what`s right or wrong. No need to blame her.


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