Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Victor Garber Gay !

Victor Garber has confirmed that he's gay.

Garber, famous for roles in "Alias," "Titanic" and "Legally Blonde", had not been secretive about his sexual orientation, but directly admitted it to an interviewer for the first time at the "Television Critics Association" tour last week.

Asked about an online biography that listed artist and model Rainer Andreesen as his long-time partner, Garber told the site Greg in Hollywood: "I don't really talk about it but everybody knows."

Garber revealed that Andreesen would be with him at the "Screen Actors Guild Awards" later this month.

It has to be mentioned that Garber's film "Argo" won big at Sunday's Golden Globes, where Jodie Foster spoke passionately about her sexuality and privacy in an emotional acceptance speech.

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