Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hugh Jackman Diet

Hugh Jackman, 44, adopted a brutal regimen in preparation for the film "Les Miserables." Jackman revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he gave up eating - and even drinking water - in the run up to his first scene.

In the scene, Jackman appears shockingly gaunt laboring in freezing water. Jackman admitted he pushed himself to the edge of a breakdown: "I didn't have anything to drink until late in the day when we did the opening scene with Russell Crowe," Jackman was quoted as saying. "You lose up to 10 pounds of water weight, mainly from the exterior of the body. But it was really brutal. About 20 hours in, a headache came. Then I wanted to drink water out of the ocean! I see the scene now, and I look really thin, really sunken."

Director Tom Hooper expressed his concern for Jackman. "I was worried," he claimed. "I thought: "This is probably the kind of thing I should discourage." I said: "Have a sip of water." But he was very determined. He'd obviously consulted doctors, but I do remember he eventually got very cold, really cold."

In earlier interviews, Jackman described the workouts he put himself through for "Les Miserables". "Weirdly, this was almost more physical in a way than an "X-Men" movie," he revealed. "I was spending even longer in the gym - like three hours in the gym - because I needed to be as emaciated as possible, but still keep some muscle on for Jean Valjean. He's actually written as an ox of a man."

It seems that Hugh Jackman really suffered for the film. It is certainly a diet you shouldn't follow! What do you think?

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