Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Celebrities Wish Jews A Happy Passover

As Jews across the world come together on Monday night to celebrate the beginning of Passover, celebrities are taking to twitter to share well-wishes.

The holiday, which lasts for a week but kicks off with back-to-back nights of seders, celebrates the Jews' exodus from Egypt.

Feel free to check out below what some celebrities wished to all those celebrating Passover on twitter.

Harry Styles: Looking forward to seder night. Always get a bit nervous when I have to sing ma'nish ta'na. But do love a shmorreh matzah. Happy pesach x

Victoria Justice: Happy Passover to all my Jewish peeps!! How's everyone enjoying their Monday?

Zach Braff: Jews!!!! Happy Passover.

Paula Abdul: Happy Passover! Who's spending precious quality time with their family? NOTHING is more important than family. xoxoP

Alicia Silverstone: Happy #Passover!

Elizabeth Banks: #HappyPassover Sephardic Charoset Truffles for #Seder dinner

Bette Midler: Happy Passover, people! Looking forward to that dried out Franken?  And that salty parsley? Yum! Can't wait!

Geri Halliwell: So tonight I'm at my 1st Seder dinner.

Kerry Washington: Happy Monday! And to those of you celebrating, Happy Passover!

Bar Refaeli: Happy Passover

White House: Michelle and I send our warmest wishes to all those celebrating Passover - President Obama

Sally Jessy Raphael: Happy Monday everyone! And a happy Passover to my Hebrew homies out there!

Brett Ratner: Hag Sameach to all those that understand!! Happy Passover!

Don Rickles: All My Friends wishing you a Happy Passover - pass the matzo - & not too long from now be kind to the bunnies & wishing you a Happy Easter.

William Shatner: With Passover about to start abroad I want to wish all of you celebrating a happy and healthy Pesach!

Jon Favreau: Happy Passover!

Patricia Arquette: Happy Passover

Johnny Weir: Are you ready for sundown? Happy Pesach! חג פסח שמח #Passover2013

Melissa Gilbert: Happy Passover! Workout, wardrobe fitting, pick up dog/cat food then  Seder @?Mom's w/The Fiancé,The Boy @THEsaragilbert & r whole family

Sandra Bernhard: zeezah pesach! may we all leave our own mitzraim behind and start new free of our inner shackles. of course the matzoh will bust your kishkes.

Chelsea Clinton: #Passover begins at sundown. Looking forward to celebrating with my husband, our friends & family. Happy Passover to all celebrating!

Jaime King: Happy #Passover!

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