Sunday, March 31, 2013

Doutzen Kroes Quotes

1. I am able to really enjoy the positive attention I receive.

2. I miss my family very much.

3. I take really good care of my body.

4. At the moment I believe that there is a Netherlands wave. In the past there were many Brazilian, Belgian and Russian girls. Now the Dutchies are even too!

5. I feel like it's always important to curl your eyelashes. I always do when I wake up and you know you look tired, when you curl eyelashes and put mascara it makes such a huge difference, so that's the trick that I always use.

6. I like to take care of myself and know what foods I should be eating.

7. (on her scheduled trip to outer-space in 2014) My work has literally brought me to the most beautiful places on earth. But apparently nothing is as beautiful as the view of the earth from space. Astronauts who have been lucky enough to have had that experience, say it is life changing.

8. In any job, you have to give up certain things, and I believe that having a good quality of life means enjoying certain things only in moderation.

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