Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Michael Kors Quotes

1. The store recently held an exclusive preview of Kors's fall collection. Zac Posen also has been popular this season, as has Jacobs, whose fall collection Monahan called a statement.

2. What are we going to do, sue our biggest customers?

3. I think there's a couture thing going with Chloe that is not at all what we've seen before.

4. There's cool bluish white, white with a yellow cast, a rosy cast, a creamy cast. It's kind of cool to mix it all up. Wear a vanilla shade, ecru and optic white, and mix it all together. If you're confused about the different whites, go to the local paint store, they'll sort it out.

5. We had a very tough time with this, and if you're looking for a job, definitely give me a call, I'd love to hear from you.

6. I am taking a little break this evening. And what could be more of a vacation than seeing a Versace show? I loved every look and I even picked out a couple for Lucy.

7. Lots of shine for evening...lots of ornamentation (with) a lot of Art Deco-sort-of-feeling to it because, again, I think this collection really is New York. So, automatically to me, it's the Chrysler Building.

8. If you don't have outside money, the road is 20 times as long.

9. The most exciting thing to say now is: "Oh, she really looks pretty!". That's not such a dirty word anymore.

10. We don't want to wear black every day, but we don't want head-to-toe color every day either. Green can sort of do both and I think that's what's great about it.

11. There are two kinds of designers: ones who are very happy locked in their office surrounded by their coterie. The last thing they need to do is to go to a trunk show; they'd go running for the hills. I not only enjoy it, I think, how do you design things that are applicable to life - unless you live it?

12. The biggest lesson that I've learned is that fashion is this tightrope where you have to be consistent but inconsistent. You need the connective thread but at the same time you need a sense of surprise.

13. When you try on something, you have to ask yourself: "How many ways could I wear this? Could I wear it to work? To dinner or drinks? Will it span the seasons" If you have to think too hard about those questions, then skip it.

14. People always think that designers hate each other. And we're certainly a competitive lot, but we also enjoy each other's company.

15. People want to look taller and thinner. No one says:"Ooh! Let me buy that dress because it makes me feel matronly!"

16. The '90s will be looked back on as ushering in an era of comfort.

17. There's a whole generation of women who never really heard the word investment before, when it came to fashion. They've been buying things because they were cheap.

18. I grew up in a family of people who were obsessed with fashion.

19. I think a lot of women have too many mini skirts in their closets.

20. I wasn't Barbie-obsessed. I think my mother might have been my Barbie.

21. I wear the same thing every day. I always pack two black jackets, loads of black T-shirts, loads of white jeans. I feel a little fresh and glamorous and graphic.

22. In the '80s, it got to the point where we'd have shows with a hundred looks. You'd want to order a pizza before it was over!

23. Learn to invest in the best quality you can afford and wear pieces in different ways.

24. My apartment looks like no one lives in it.

25. My legacy would be that you don't have to give up anything. You can be chic but have a sense of humor, you can be sexy but comfortable, you can be timeless but fresh.

26. My mom was a model. She had me at 20, so she was a young mother.

27. For me, true luxury can be caviar or a day with no meetings, no appointments and no schedule.

28. I can't dance and I can't sing too well.

29. I don't even think of going to Europe as going to another country now.

30. I can sketch up a storm, and I'm very involved in how clothes are constructed, but I have a short attention span.

31. I know what women look good in. I don't think the rules ever change.

32. Clothes are like a good meal, a good movie, great pieces of music.

33. Americans are always a little bit insecure.

34. Give me Caviar Kaspia and give me a hamburger. I love the two extremes.

35. I am the oldest young designer in New York City.

36. A man in a well tailored suit will always shine brighter than a guy in an off-the-rack suit.

37. American women often fall into the trap of: "Oh, these are my weekend clothes. These are my work clothes. This is what I wear at night." It's so old-fashioned.

38. I grew up surrounded by these tough, ballsy, strong women. They were also adoring women, but they were the kind of women who would argue over what kind of pants you were wearing or the color of your nail polish.

39. Because of what's going on with the economy, I think women are realizing that maybe they don't need a closet full of clothes. They just need the right clothes.

40. North Americans as a whole need to embrace having clothes altered to their body. I hear it all the time: why do the Europeans always look so good? They have a relationship with their tailor and spend the time and money to make their clothes look their best.

41. When I was a kid, I was trendier. I'd wear anything. I was in love with beads and platforms.

42. I think the older I get, the more I realize that the ultimate luxury is time.

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