Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Carrie Underwood Weight Loss

Just in case you are curious about Carrie Underwood's weight, Underwood (full name: Carrie Marie Underwood ) is considered to weigh about 110 lbs (or 53 kg). As for her height, Carrie Underwood, 30,  is 5' 3'' (or 1.61 m).  Underwood's measurements are: 30-23-33.  

The question is: "How did Carrie Underwood lose the excess weight?"

Underwood lost 20 lbs (
9 Kg) in 2005 by following an organic diet and working out regularly. "If I can wake up and get a good cardio session in a class at a nearby gym or on the treadmill, I'm happier throughout the day," Underwood was quoted as saying.  

Carrie also wrote down everything she ate and noted the calorie content, number of carbohydrates and fat grams

It has to be noted that Carrie is a vegetarian, which means she loves eating fruits and veggies. Instead of eating animal-based foods, she eats soy-based. In fact, Carrie  stopped eating beef at age 13! "I really love animals and it just makes me sad," Underwood claimed, adding: "My meals usually consist of veggie burgers or veggie hotdogs."

Needless to say that Underwood avoids fast food entirely. Underwood told the August 2010 issue of WebMD magazine: "It would be very easy to just go eat that all the time. But if I don't know what's in it, I don't eat it. That's my rule," Underwood stated. Instead, she hits the grocery stores in major cities and stocks her tour bus with healthy fare like yogurt or microwavable oatmeal.

"I've become a wonderful microwave expert in my years of travel," Underwood laughed. And she has no problem making a sandwich in the bus and toting it into her hotel. "People say: "I don't have time - I just grab a hot dog on the street,"" she revealed. "I know better. It takes about five minutes to make a sandwich to take with you someplace."

Along with healthy food, Underwood makes sure that she - and everyone on her tour - drinks plenty of water. "In our catering area we have this huge table of supplements for people - little things like vitamin C, echinacea, stuff like that, because if one person gets a cold, everybody's getting a cold," Underwood claimed.

To conclude, learning how to lose weight like Carrie Underwood can be done by making a food journal, eating right, keeping track of what one eats, keeping away from junk foods. Also a balance of healthy foods required with the right amount of daily calorie requirement is essential.

What do you think of Carrie Underwood's weight loss?

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