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Fergie Plastic Surgery

American singer-songwriter Fergie (real name: Stacy Ann Ferguson) is rumored to have had plastic surgery.

To be more exact, Fergie, 38, is rumored to have had a nose job, breast implants, endoscopic forehead lift, botox injections, browlift and possible cheek and jaw implants

Needless to say that there are many celebrity watchers who think that Fergie has totally transformed herself after the many times she has visited the plastic surgeon's office and made her body a testing laboratory in the past ten years.

Fergie claimed that she is open to Botox but the plastic surgery rumors are completely false. She explained that her skin has been damaged by sun tanning

Fergie was quoted as saying: "I haven't had any surgery but I would maybe consider a nip and a tuck. I've been sun tanning forever and damaging my skin. I would be open to Botox. It's hard, it hurts my feelings. I call my hypnotherapist and cry and let it go. That's what I do (to cope). I think that they nitpick these days so much and it's just got to the point where it's ridiculous."

Judging by the before and after photos, Fergie likely had a nose job; her nose appears thinner and more defined. When she was younger her bridge was thicker and the tip was little round too, now it looks more defined and slim. Maybe she has had an osteotomy, which has transformed her thick bridge into a narrow bridge.

The rumor about the endoscopic forehead lift is not 100% certain, as it could be the result of more arched eyebrows and excessive make up.

It is estimated that Fergie got breast implants between April 2009 and November 2009. Her breasts are bigger now but they are well projected. 

Her brows are excessively large, which is maybe a sign of a brow lift. Her cheeks look fuller and well defined, probably the result of cheek implants. As for her jaw line, the jaw angle appears squarer, a sign of jaw implants. Her lips are fuller now, probably the result of collagen  injections

On her recent appearance in a Red Cross charity, a well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Schwartz claimed that Fergie had brow lift, eyelid lift and fillers in her cheeks. When asked how much it would cost, the plastic surgeon estimated a price tag of around $30,000. Replying to the allegations, Fergie revealed to Cosmo magazine that she would laugh at such childish remarks because if she stresses on such remarks, then she will definitely go crazy. "I read that I'd spent about $30,000 or something…it's just ridiculous. We had a laugh about it. So many rumors have been spread over the years and you have to learn, especially in this business, to just laugh it off. If you stress about it, you'll drive yourself crazy."

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer revealed: "Outside of a few non-surgical treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers, Fergie appears to au natural.  She is young and does not appear to need anything done at this time."

"Certainly Fergie is too young to need a facelift. By pulling her hair back extremely tight she can be pulling her skin as well, but by very little.  She does appear to use Botox, which gives her face a "lift" much more than her ponytail," Dr. Michael Salzhauer added.

On his blog, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn wrote: "Star Magazine is reporting that pop star Fergie has undergone a starlicious plastic surgery makeover, costing a whopping $30,000 by one plastic surgeon's estimate.  Dr. Mark Schwartz is quoted as believing that Fergie's had a browlift, eyelid lift, and cheek fillers.  Another plastic surgeon suggested that Fergie has had Botox injections and chemical peels."

"The last time I saw Fergie was on American Idol, and I didn't recognize her!  Her eyebrows weren't as arched as usual, and her lips were a startling bright red.  Overall I disagree with Dr. Schwartz regarding the amount of work she's had done. She may have had some Botox and fillers like Restylane, but I doubt she's had much facial surgery. Surgery to her humps, though, is definitely possible!," Dr. Youn explained.

Looking at before and after pictures of Fergie, Dr. Anthony Youn believes that they "indicate that she very well may have had a rhinoplasty and a browlift. Her nose looks considerably thinner and shorter in the after photo. The nose often gets shorter when it is thinned or a bump is taken off. Her brows are also excessively arched. This is most likely the result of an endoscopic browlift (short scars, less recovery than the traditional browlift), combined with some possible Botox."

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, Calif., was quoted as saying: "Fergie has had a nose job: it's pinched but it doesn't look bad. If she couldn't breathe out of it, I'd reconstruct it."

"Also, her jaw angle looks wider, possibly indicating jaw implants. Her cheeks also look more full, which are possibly cheek implants," Dr. Nassif added.

As for Fergie's lovely lady lumps, plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia states that they are, "probably implants."

What do you think of Fergie's plastic surgery?

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