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Sheryl Crow Dating

Sheryl Crow, 51, is an American musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, actress and political activist. Wanna know who dated Sheryl? Let us examine Sheryl Crow's dating history below...

unknown date
Sheryl Crow dated John O'Brien.

1994 - 1995
Sheryl Crow dated Kevin Gilbert. The two dated briefly and Gilbert shares a co-writer credit on many of Crow's most popular songs, including "All I Wanna Do". He played piano on Tuesday Night Music Club, but while the record had staying power, the affair didn't. Rumors were that the romance turned sour as soon as Sheryl made it big, and the squabbling over writer's credits began.

1998 - 2002
Sheryl Crow dated Eric Clapton. They had a brief relationship, with her song "My Favorite Mistake" rumored to be about the affair. The two went their separate ways after a few years, but they remain amicable, and have known to perform at the same concerts on occasion.

September 1999 - 2001
Sheryl Crow dated Owen Wilson. The two began dating after they met on the set of "The Minus Man," though neither has claimed much about the relationship. They remain good pals to this day.

Sheryl Crow was rumored to be dating Kid Rock. The two collaborated on a love song called "Picture" in 2002, and their duet sparked romance rumors.

January 2003
Sheryl Crow dated Josh Charles. According to Contactmusic.com, they dated for a few months in 2003, but separated because she wanted children and he didn't.

2003 - February 2006
Sheryl Crow dated Lance Armstrong. The two were a well-known pair for awhile. They dated for two years before getting engaged, but never made it down the aisle. Lance claimed in his book that Sheryl wanted a child, and he didn't feel it was a good time for him to have kids, writing: " We were not compatible on that issue."

Sheryl Crow dated
Ryan Seacrest.

Sheryl Crow was rumored to be dating Hank Azaria. The two were spotted out for a meal, which was enough to spark rumors that the two were together. Of course, they were joined at the dinner by Patricia Arquette, but anonymous sources revealed that Crow and Azaria were flirtatious.

2007 - 2008
Sheryl Crow dated Steve Bing. "Singer Sheryl Crow has reportedly found love with Elizabeth Hurley's ex-boyfriend, movie producer Steve Bing. The pair has been dating in secret after being introduced by mutual pal Jennifer Aniston last year," a source told Star magazine.

Sheryl Crow was rumored to be dating John Cassimus. They were reported to be dating by Life & Style. A source claimed that a mutual friend, Jay Barker, introduced the couple. However, neither side ever commented on the rumors.

May 2011
Sheryl Crow dated Doyle Bramhall II.

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