Sunday, May 19, 2013

Paulina Rubio Quotes

1. My music, my songs are 100 percent inspired by girl power.

2. Make Love, Not War.

3. Everyone has a Latino inside them.

4. There are a lot of influences from different countries in my music. For example, I chose the guitar in my music, I think that it is a feminine instrument, so when I do not sing, the music expresses my voice.

5. With "Timbiriche," I toured Brazil and a lot of Latin America.

6. I like to be glamorous so I love the clothing and the big entrances. It needs to be spectacular!

7. I was born in Mexico, I am from Mexico City.

8. I started in a band called "Timbiriche," we toured the world when I was 8; I have 23 albums.

What do you think of Paulina Rubio's quotes?

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