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Brooke Hogan Engaged To NFL Star Phil Costa (PROPOSAL PHOTOS)

Brooke Hogan, 25, is getting married!

The daughter of Hulk Hogan got engaged to Dallas Cowboys football player Phil Costa, 25, in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Hogan posted an Instagram shot of her boyfriend getting down on one knee, along with the caption: "Happiest moment of my LIFE. I am marrying my best friend. I wouldn't choose anyone else. I am so lucky and grateful."

Nick Hogan wished his sister congratulations on twitter, writing: "MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS BROOKEY!!!!!"

He also shared an image of Brooke flaunting her engagement ring.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!!

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Jessica Simpson Welcomes Baby Boy Ace Knute Johnson

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson welcomed their baby boy!

According to reports, Simpson, 32, welcomed a baby boy via a scheduled C-section on Sunday.

Simpson and Johnson named their son Ace Knute Johnson.

Jessica's rep revealed: "Mom and baby are doing great."

Ace joins big sister Maxwell, who turned one in May.

Simpson let slip she was having a boy during a March late night appearance with Jimmy Kimmel.

Congratulations to the happy family!

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David Guetta Net Worth

Just in case you are curious about David Guetta's net worth, Guetta has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

What do you think of David Guetta's net worth?

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Angelyne Quotes

1. I'm often asked what it is that I do. Being judged by what I do rather than by what I am is a sore point with me. It's very difficult to just be famous for being yourself. I could have been famous for being in a rock band, though ultimately, through some strange twist of fate I became famous for just being good, famous for just being me.

2. Barbie wishes she were me.

3. I'm an eighties girl. I like the New Romantic era, with bands like Depeche Mode and Duran Duran. There was lots of pink back then. I also like the punk era and bands like Psychedelic Furs and PIL.

4. The artist's job is to illuminate. Otherwise, there's no purpose to art.

5. People always assume it was some guy that paid the way. The truth is I made it on my own, without the help of anyone. A billboard is not that expensive. My fame is proof that it can happen if you really want it. I had no TV show, no record company, no PR firm. No one behind me. I just had an idea and made it happen.

6. At four years old, I knew I was an avatar. I knew I was sent to Earth from somewhere else. I'm here on a mission.

7. My mission is only revealed to me step-by-step, as I go. But I know now that I was "hired" by I'm not sure who to be a kind of "Social Worker." My job is to help people get out of here. 

8. Earth is like a bus bench for cosmic bums and the bus never comes. We're trapped in some kind of awful terrarium. Our spirits are caught, like the pepper grains in here. We're all slaves in a syndrome that we have to break.

9. Tyranny is unheard of where I come from. Here, life itself is a tyrant.

10. The music industry is the only true cool industry. Being from Hollywood I observe this continually. The movie scene has style and charisma, but it doesn't have cool. Rock and roll is all about cool, a music person has to have a sense of cool or they can't function and perform properly.

11. Everybody has a genetic code of destiny. I wanted to be a celebrity since I was a young girl, though at that age I couldn't actually explain it. The last scene in the Moby video "We Are All Made Of Stars", where he is walking away under the galaxy of stars captures a childhood vision I had of the concept of celebrity and star energy.

12. From pageants I went on to rock n' roll and was in a band for many years. We played everywhere. People seeing my billboards might assume that I haven't paid my dues, but honestly it just wasn't happening with my band. Show after show, club after club. It just wasn't my niche, you know.

13. I have all my clothes tailor made to my own design specifications. I have certain rules I abide by in order to maintain my look. I like things to be short, tight, and low cut, it's often sexy and pink too. I'm currently collaborating with Pink Kitty Designer, Heathyr Lawrence to design my own lingerie line, it will all be tight fitted and super sexy, and of course there will be lots of pink.

14. The thing is, I can do anything. I can dance, I can sing, I can do the splits, but I don't just want to be associated with doing just one thing. I don't want to simply hide behind one thing. I'd prefer to be famous for my own persona which is a lot more costly and more respected than being known for possessing a particular talent.

15. Moby was a real gentleman, he was really nice to work with, though he continually complained that the spacesuit he was wearing in my car for the video clip "We Are All Made Of Stars" was killing him. The day of the video clip shoot we had this photographer that kept hangin out and bugging us, snapping when he wasn't welcome. After I kept complaining, Moby confronted the photographer and got the film from the camera, as a thank you I gave him an autographed pair of my panties.

16. Of course I have always wanted to be more and more successful. More and more beautiful, but this experience showed me that the body is limited. From then on I became more quested to do a service for the world. I want to represent the belief that something good does exist and it's pink! However, it's not about pretending it's good here because it's not good here.

17. Of course. I revel in the notion that I am a Hollywood icon. I have lots of celebrity friends and I often socialize in a Hollywood circle, though I don't want to gloat. I get invites to all the parties, but I'm very selective about what I attend. I do find some fellow celebrities can be a little patronizing towards me, asking for my autograph at events and motioning me over as if they know me.

18. Do what you gotta do and believe in it. Don't question everything. Are you in joy or are you in torment? Get in tune with yourself and make the best of what you can while you're in that body.

19. I've made four CD's and one of my earlier works included a CD featuring Sergio Moroda who has been working for BMG in Italy. For the soundtrack of the film, I invited an assortment of famous bands to collaborate, sorry but I cant name them. The CD has various tracks and remixes from commercially aware electronica through to melancholic rock and roll. Lyrically, my color obsession rears its head again, "Pink is the color of an angels tongue, pink is the color of a mad, mad mind, pink is the color of the universe".

20. I am currently in negotiation for several movie roles for films that will be made over the next couple of years. Throughout my career I've done bit parts in a range of movies. I'm now working on own project, tentatively titled "Angelyne - Passion for a Pink Princess". It's a day in the life styled surrealist docudrama, a pseudo documentary that embodies my very own outrageous and glamorous style.

21. I do have strategy when it comes to my career, though I usually don't plan everything and like to leave some things in the hands of destiny. Yet when I do plan things they seem to work out better.

22. The downside of being a celebrity would be failing to realize your ambitions, that certainly doesn't relate to me. As a celebrity my seed has completely blossomed, but it is now firmly rooted and still growing. I've had to initiate a range of restraining orders from some obsessed fans which has been really painful. I've also had to deal with an ongoing tide of jealous wives and girlfriends, some women have even threatened to blow up my billboards. I've also had fans telephone me from jail, which actually isn't a negative, but interesting. 

23. I've been doing beauty pageants since I was 12. I won all the time. A lot of beauty pageants are rigged, but whenever the girls actually got to vote, I won.

24. In the beginning it was difficult because I had to find the strength within myself to support my own image. For example, if an actress is doing a movie she will have a director to say: "You're great! You look wonderful! You are really happening." I have to look in the mirror and say I like myself the way I am.

25. I'm not aligned to any particular denomination. I believe that you can connect with the higher god self. That connection can deliver us into a higher existence. Whatever you choose to tune in to you will get something out of. I have a charmed life and my luck tends to come in series of seven. Generally I will have six out of seven instances of luck, after that the experiences aren't so good.

26. (her advice for a showbiz career) They really need to ask themselves how bad do they want it and go from there. That's the rule of thumb, what would you do for it? And then they just have to be true to themselves. Women should be particularly weary of having to compromise themselves or use sex to get somewhere. You never have to compromise yourself to get somewhere and people should always remember that there are alternatives. Also, If you don't succeed with one game, go into another.

27. I ran for governor to prove a point and to give people clarity as to what they wanted - rather than going by what the government dictates. My slogan was: "We've had gray, we've had brown, now it's time for some blond and pink!" I really wanted to make a difference.

28. Originally I thought the billboard would be good promotion for my band. The minute the billboard went up I became famous. It's such a high to have such a success. The only thing better is having an out-of-body experience.

29. The color Pink has a thing about me. Pink is part of my persona and extension of my character, it helps me express the fact that I do something because I like it, I love it and I've got to have it. If men are beasts then seeing the color pink transforms them into being something sensuous. The color pink has the power to promote higher thought patterns, it can spark vibrations and waves. I don't have any violent friends and I really believe that the color pink has something to do with it, wielding the power to calm aggression.

30. I still don't see myself as having grown up. What does it mean to be grown up anyway? I am in touch with myself in the same way as when I was a three year old. I was always so cute and I always got my own way. Now I just want it to always be that way.

31. I like to do things on a very big scale and ultimately the band was not. We played the Whisky and several other key venues, though things weren't happening as fast as we wanted. So one day out of desperation we made a series of posters featuring me as a symbol of the band. The reaction to it was really strong, with approaches from the press and offers from venues. After the band were over it made sense to build upon the poster idea as a progressive career move.

32. My parents died when I was five. It was a very happy time, I got everything I wanted. Later I was weaned by fairies and aliens. 

33. The country is now being run by reptiles (Republicans). Hopefully that will change and the doves or positive forces will rule in the future. I think that September 11 was possibly planned and maybe it could have been prevented. Though the current political climate is something that must be played out, and when it is, the doves (positive forces) will come back to power. I do think the American flag is associated with good luck though.

34. I wanted to save the world. My dream was to get the chance to sit on the President's lap and be so cute that I could say: "Please no more war. You're not going to blow up the whole world are you?"

35. Wherever there is people, there is porn. I have received many offers to do porn and the offers continue, though it's not my chosen path. I was asked to pose nude for Playboy in the early nineties, I seriously considered doing it, but my lawyer advised me not to. At the time I had a pending role in a kids cartoon show, and we didn't want to jeopardize that, maybe I would consider doing it again if a similar offer came up.

36. The majority of my earnings come from investors and stocks, getting hired for cameos and the billboards getting hired for cameos.

37. Porn is a nasty business, though it is in huge demand and promises big dollars. I had a male friend who was a porn star, and a saw the dark side of the industry through observing his experiences, he ended up dying of a drug overdose. I often wonder if animals get off on visuals. I wonder what gets my pets off, do they look at each other and get turned on?

38. (on being asked what color is her aura) Well, the highest vibrating color is magenta so I'm pretty sure mine is pink. Tell me, what's the one thing you know for sure? 

39. I like to drive my men to the edge, so they break out of their shell and become someone intensely feeling and passionate, I like to give them the Angelyne experience. I have boyfriends and I like switching them around. I do have a thing about musicians, they have another world of understanding, a level of depth and maturity that most men don't. I wont say any more about my love life other than all of boyfriends always do something for my career.

40. People think I've got a benefactor for the billboards, some big rich sugar daddy, but that's not so. Besides, why confine myself to one rich benefactor when I can have hundreds or even thousands? I can get men to do anything I want.

41. (asked if she is a feminist) I don't really understand it at all. Some women feel oppressed and inclined to follow that political line, though I'm separate from all that and I don't need to pursue it. I'm just a person who goes out and gets what she wants, so it doesn't quite relate to me. I've never actually encountered any sexual or gender politics in relation to my work. Women generally approve and I'm often approached by wives who urge me to kiss their husbands. I did have one billboard vandalized near a children's school once, though that was it. All the kids at the school likened me to Barbie, and loved me, it was just some hung up adult who disapproved of the billboard and graffitied it.

42. I love Debbie Harry and I'm also really into all the early-80s punk and new-wave bands.

43. I would have to create a new man in that case, there are none I can think of that I'd like to be or that reflect what I want, men of the planet need to improve overall. I prefer male assistants as it's a protective thing. I have two, both named Scott, and I tell them apart by their special names, one is named Scottie cat, the other Scottie dog. I also like them tall so I can see what's going on. 

44. I was getting up to do a movie and suddenly I felt light headed. I lay back down and suddenly I started rising out of my body towards the skylight above me. It was then that I realized there is consciousness without the body. I've talked to a lot of people who have died and come back and they have a similar experience. They remember leaving their bodies and realizing they were still conscious. It gives you perspective.

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Shauna Sand Plastic Surgery

American actress and Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand has reportedly had plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time.

Sand, 41, is estimated to have had numerous plastic surgeries such as a boob job, nose job, lip injections, botox injections, brow lift, cheek implants, laser and radio frequency treatments, chemical peels, tanning, permanent make-up, facelift and even diamond implants on her teeth!

Shauna's most noticeable plastic surgery is her boob job. According to her Playmate profile, Shauna's breast size is a 33 inch D. Considering her weight is listed at being a mere 98 pounds on a 5 foot 4 inches frame, it explains why her breasts seem so disproportionately large on her small frame.

It has to be noted that since Sand's Playboy shoot back in 1996, her nipples have become deformed, much like Tara Reid's, leading many plastic surgeons to suspect that she has had more than one boob job

Shauna's nipples seem to be the result of a botched breast implant procedure, wherein the surgeon removed the nipples to insert the implants and then didn't put them back correctly, resulting in their wrinkled, bizarre appearance.

Shauna also had a nose job at some point, as her nose has a very unusual shape, especially her perfectly round nostrils. She kept the bump at the end of her nose, but the bridge has been narrowed significantly.

Shauna at her age should be showing signs of aging, but there are absolutely no wrinkles on any part of her face and her eyebrows are preternaturally arched, which can be an indication of too much botox, an injectable filler used to treat lines and wrinkles. It could also be the result of a brow lift, which is a more drastic procedure.

Since her modeling and acting years, Shauna's cheekbones look much more pronounced, which is likely a sign of fat injections, as they aren't extremely large, the way they would be with cheek implants. She may be helping augment them with clever contouring make-up as well.

Shauna's lips are so large that they seem as if they are on the brink of exploding. She has obviously visited her plastic surgeon several times to achieve the trout pout that she enhances by using lip liner outside the natural line of her lips. Her lips are likely the result of collagen injections, rather than less obvious injectable fillers often used to plump up lips like Juvederm or other hyaluronic acid fillers. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to claim that her lip injections have totally changed the appearance of her face.

Shauna's overly tan look is the result of too much time in a tanning bed, which can lead to premature wrinkles, which Shauna likely avoids through using laser or radio frequency treatments designed to smooth the skin, like CoolTouch, Thermage, Active Fx or Fraxel. It's quite possible that she had laser skin resurfacing or a medium chemical peel to help combat the look of aging and the harmful effects of tanning as well.

Shauna likely had permanent make-up, because she never appears without harsh make-up, even on the beach.

It has to be mentioned that Shauna got diamond implants on her teeth instead of dental veneers like most of celebrities. She apparently wanted her teeth to glow even more than what can be achieved with whitening systems

According to celebrity website TMZ, Shauna had six studs placed, for the very reasonable price of $60 each, with the work of New York dentist Dr. Dean Vafiadis.

Conclusion: Shauna Sand's plastic surgery was definitely a horrible disaster. It is obvious that she just didn't know when to stop. The unfortunate thing though is that she should come to terms with her botched plastic surgery for life.

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Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

American actress and singer Anna Faris, best known for her comedic roles in the "Scary Movie" film series (2000-2006), "Lost in Translation" (2003),"The House Bunny" (2008), "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" (2009), "Yogi Bear" (2010), "The Dictator" (2012) and "I Give It a Year", has reportedly had plastic surgery to boost her confidence.

Faris, 36, is speculated to have had a nose job, botox injections, boob job, lip injections and even a chin augmentation!

Anna is one of the best looking celebrities in Hollywood but unlike the majority of her peers who have succumbed to plastic surgery, she still seems really pure, untouched and natural. However, there are some changes about her if one looks a little bit closely…

Most noticeable change is definitely her breasts! Anna was flat-chested before but now her breasts appear fuller and more defined but they are not over the top. They still look natural and medium size despite going from an A-cup to a C-cup. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to claim that Anna got the perfect boob job as her implants fit her tiny frame!

After getting breast implants, Faris, claimed she was pleased with the results of a padded bra that she wore while filming "The House Bunny" in 2008 to increase her character's cup size. 

"It was so fun to feel over-the-top ridiculous and sexy," Faris revealed to New Yorker magazine, so she made the decision to get breast implants to continue the feeling.  

Farris admitted to New Yorker: "It wasn't a career thing - it was a divorce thing." 

When Faris decided to get her breast implants she had recently been divorced from her first husband, Ben Indra. According to Faris, there was friction as her career excelled and his career faded, which lead to their eventual divorce in 2007.

Faris, shown at Hollywood Life magazine's Young Hollywood Awards in 2008, said of her decision to get breast implants: "I like the idea of feeling more womanly."

Anna's lips look more juicy, bigger and fuller than before, an indication of lip injections

Farris admitted she has used collagen injections to plump up her lips for the movie "The House Bunny." She was disappointed though that her lips remained pouty afterwards instead of reverting to their pre-injection appearance.

Farris' eyebrows appear a bit stretched and lifted up, a sign of botox injections. She has revealed she gets botox injections to smooth her wrinkles

Anna's nose is slimmer with a more pointed tip and the bridge of her nose looks narrower, working in better harmony with the rest of her face.

Some celebrity watchers insist that Farris has also gotten a chin augmentation as her chin appears slimmer and smoother. The reason for that procedure was to make her smile sweet and adorable. 

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Paulina Rubio Plastic Surgery

Mexican singer, actress, hostess, model and businesswoman Paulina Rubio has reportedly had plastic surgery to improve her looks.

Rubio, 42, has undoubtedly undergone plastic surgery, because - as many plastic surgeon experts claim - as she ages she gets better and better.

In detail, Rubio is estimated to have had a nose job, botox injections, facial fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, liposuction and a tummy tuck.

Rubio's nose looks very straight and streamlined than before, an indication of a well-executed nose job.

Paulina likely has used botox and facial fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, because her face is wrinkle-free, fresh and youthful 24/7.

On November 14, 2010, when she and her husband Nicolás Vallejo-Nájera welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Andrea Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera Rubio, in Miami, Florida, she dropped the baby weight, a combination of liposuction and tummy tuck.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer was quoted as saying: "Paulina Rubio looks fantastic. She appears to take great care of her skin and body. She may have refined her nose with a Rhinoplasty, but other than that appears very natural. Possibly a little Botox and fillers to rejuvenate her face, but she doesn't need anything more than that to look that fabulous."

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