Saturday, June 8, 2013

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery

American singer-songwriter, television personality, author and activist Clay Aiken (birth name: Clayton Holmes Grissom), best known for appearing at the second season of the television program "American Idol" in 2003, has reportedly had plastic surgery to improve his appearance.

Aiken, 34, is speculated to have had a chin surgery, nose job and blepharoplasty.  

During his stint on "Celebrity Apprentice", Aiken seemed significantly different than he did during his heyday as the runner-up in "American Idol"'s second season in 2003.

Aiken admitted to Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" that he underwent plastic surgery.

"I had operative surgery on my jaw for a TMJ thing and I had them suck the fat out of my chin while they were in there," Aiken revealed on live TV, without specifying exactly when the procedure occured, explaining: "I was like: "You know what, while I'm already down, go ahead and take the vacuum in there and suck the fat out of my chin.""

Judging by the before and after photos, Aiken's nose shape has slightly altered, an indication of a nose job. Also, his eyelids have changed, a sign of a blepharoplasty.

Needless to say that there are many plastic surgeon experts and celebrity watchers who insist Clay Aiken has had work done on his nose and eyelids.

What do you think of Clay Aiken's plastic surgery?

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