Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jodie Sweetin Divorce

According to celebrity website TMZ, former "Full House" star Jodie Sweetin is seeking a legal separation from her husband of just over a year, Morty Coyle, and a few other shared household possessions.

Sweetin, 31, filed papers in a Los Angeles court on Monday, June 24, seeking a divorce and citing irreconcilable differences. This is Sweetin's third marriage.

"She seems in good spirits," a source revealed to Us Weekly, adding: "She's sober still so she's in way better shape than last time. It's definitely true. I guess it's not working out."

According to the court papers, Sweetin is seeking ownership of the pair's 2000 Toyota Avalon, as well as a 50/50 split of their $200 Kohl's credit card balance.

In addition, Sweetin wants full custody of the couple's 2-year-old daughter Beatrix.

It has to be noted that Sweetin and Coyle wed in a private ceremony in Beverly Hills in March 2012, only announcing their wedding details on their one-year anniversary, on March 15, 2013.

In her explosive 2009 memoir "unSweetined" Sweetin spoke out about her troubled past, which included her addiction to several drugs, including meth, ecstasy and cocaine.

"I got sober for good on December 7, 2008," Sweetin wrote in the memoir, noting: "I was flying to L.A. and I ended up taking a bunch of Nyquil and drinking a sh-tload...From that day forward, I threw myself into going to AA and avoided people who do blow off their coffee tables."

"But life is good," Sweetin continued, revealing: "I'm happier than I can remember."

Sweetin is also mother to Zoie Herpin, her 5-year-old daughter with ex-husband Cody Herpin.

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