Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Selma Blair Fired From "Anger Management" After Charlie Sheen Feud

It has been confirmed that Selma Blair was fired on Tuesday from "Anger Management."

"We are confirming that Selma Blair will not be returning to Anger Management and we wish her the very best," studio Lionsgate Television said in a statement.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Sheen, 47, "fired" Blair, 40, by text, adding that Sheen called her the "c" word in that text.

Deadline states that cast and crew sometimes waited hours for Sheen to appear for work, with Blair taking the fall for "voicing her concerns."

Blair had showed up in 33 episodes opposite costar Charlie Sheen, who reportedly issued an ultimatum to the studio that she be fired or he'd refuse to shoot with her.

Blair had complained to claim management that Sheen was a "menace to work with."

Sheen has supposedly attempted to recruit Mila Kunis, 29, as a replacement.

It has to be said that Blair portrayed Sheen's therapist and love interest on the show. Deadline reports the show will stay in production and adjust its story lines.

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