Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shauna Sand Plastic Surgery

American actress and Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand has reportedly had plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time.

Sand, 41, is estimated to have had numerous plastic surgeries such as a boob job, nose job, lip injections, botox injections, brow lift, cheek implants, laser and radio frequency treatments, chemical peels, tanning, permanent make-up, facelift and even diamond implants on her teeth!

Shauna's most noticeable plastic surgery is her boob job. According to her Playmate profile, Shauna's breast size is a 33 inch D. Considering her weight is listed at being a mere 98 pounds on a 5 foot 4 inches frame, it explains why her breasts seem so disproportionately large on her small frame.

It has to be noted that since Sand's Playboy shoot back in 1996, her nipples have become deformed, much like Tara Reid's, leading many plastic surgeons to suspect that she has had more than one boob job

Shauna's nipples seem to be the result of a botched breast implant procedure, wherein the surgeon removed the nipples to insert the implants and then didn't put them back correctly, resulting in their wrinkled, bizarre appearance.

Shauna also had a nose job at some point, as her nose has a very unusual shape, especially her perfectly round nostrils. She kept the bump at the end of her nose, but the bridge has been narrowed significantly.

Shauna at her age should be showing signs of aging, but there are absolutely no wrinkles on any part of her face and her eyebrows are preternaturally arched, which can be an indication of too much botox, an injectable filler used to treat lines and wrinkles. It could also be the result of a brow lift, which is a more drastic procedure.

Since her modeling and acting years, Shauna's cheekbones look much more pronounced, which is likely a sign of fat injections, as they aren't extremely large, the way they would be with cheek implants. She may be helping augment them with clever contouring make-up as well.

Shauna's lips are so large that they seem as if they are on the brink of exploding. She has obviously visited her plastic surgeon several times to achieve the trout pout that she enhances by using lip liner outside the natural line of her lips. Her lips are likely the result of collagen injections, rather than less obvious injectable fillers often used to plump up lips like Juvederm or other hyaluronic acid fillers. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to claim that her lip injections have totally changed the appearance of her face.

Shauna's overly tan look is the result of too much time in a tanning bed, which can lead to premature wrinkles, which Shauna likely avoids through using laser or radio frequency treatments designed to smooth the skin, like CoolTouch, Thermage, Active Fx or Fraxel. It's quite possible that she had laser skin resurfacing or a medium chemical peel to help combat the look of aging and the harmful effects of tanning as well.

Shauna likely had permanent make-up, because she never appears without harsh make-up, even on the beach.

It has to be mentioned that Shauna got diamond implants on her teeth instead of dental veneers like most of celebrities. She apparently wanted her teeth to glow even more than what can be achieved with whitening systems

According to celebrity website TMZ, Shauna had six studs placed, for the very reasonable price of $60 each, with the work of New York dentist Dr. Dean Vafiadis.

Conclusion: Shauna Sand's plastic surgery was definitely a horrible disaster. It is obvious that she just didn't know when to stop. The unfortunate thing though is that she should come to terms with her botched plastic surgery for life.

What do you think of Shauna Sand's plastic surgery?

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