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Tom Ford Quotes

1. What's wrong with sluts? If sluttiness is what you like, what's wrong with that?

2. Artists, like yourself, are born with a need to express that's just innate.

3. When I was a little kid, all I wanted to do was to escape what I thought was the country and get to a city. Probably film and television had influenced me so much, I really thought the key to happiness was living a very artificial life in a penthouse in New York with martini glasses.

4. I'm a Texas resident, so my vote will be cast in a red state.

5. I'm a very serious person.

6. America was founded on the principle of freedom of speech.

7. Everyday is one less day.

8. I'm actually very introverted. I'm very shy. I'm very emotional.

9. When you find somebody good, keep them in your life.

10. From the time we're born until we die, we're kept busy with artificial stuff that isn't important.

11. But I don't think I would have the stomach for the maneuvering that is necessary in politics.

12. Yeah. I've always felt this way. I mean we're born alone, we die alone. And while we're here we are absolutely, completely sealed in our own bodies. Really weird. Kinda freaks me out to think about it. We can only experience the outside world through our own slanted perception of it. Who knows what you're really like. I just see what I think you're like.

13. When the youth of America gets together, amazing things happen.

14. Despite their great success in that area, I still think that George Bush has never learned to speak in public.

15. I'm exactly what I seem to be, if you look closely. You know the only thing that has made the whole thing worthwhile has been those few times that I was able to truly connect with another person.

16. For the next few years I'll spend half the year in London and half the year in LA and Santa Fe.

17. There aren't many strong or charismatic candidates today, because many people can't withstand the scrutiny.

18. I think of LA as my American urban experience, London as my European urban experience, and Santa Fe as my country escape.

19. I try to be nice, I try to respect other people, but over the years I've learned that all this stuff we do is a bunch of crap. That doesn't mean it doesn't have its place. We are living in a material world, so why not live with something beautiful?

20. If my parents had discouraged me, I would have turned out very differently. They raised me in an open-minded, liberal environment.

21. Michael Moore's film has done a wonderful bit of PR for us all over the world.

22. I do struggle because I'm attracted to beautiful things, yet at the same time I am actually very aware, in some sense, their lack of value and that the most important things in life are your connections to other people.

23. But as an adult working in the fashion industry, I struggle with materialism. And I'm one of the least materialistic people that exist, because material possessions don't mean much to me. They're beautiful, I enjoy them, they can enhance your life to a certain degree, but they're ultimately not important.

24. My mother was always very political and very much a Democrat.

25. You have to look inside yourself and you have to say, well, what am I about? Why does anyone need this? Why does anyone need a "Tom Ford" jacket? What do I believe in?

26. College campuses were once a hotbed of political activity.

27. The Bush administration has squelched freedom of speech.

28. Style for me is something completely different. You could be what we consider in our culture unattractive and have great style. You can have no money and have great style. You can have a lotta money and have great style. More often you have a lotta money and you have terrible style. And you just plaster yourself in what you think you're supposed to wearing. And you've lost yourself.

29. We can do the rest of the interview naked.

30. As a fashion designer, I was always aware that I was not an artist, because I was creating something that was made to be sold, marketed, used, and ultimately discarded.

31. Style for me is someone who figures out who they are. What works on them. What they feel good in and develops that. Develops their character. And the outer expression of their character is what is style.

32. We're also breaking ground this week on an amazing house out there designed by Tadao Ando.

33. I don't want to find myself designing for the press.

34. What I did as a fashion designer for both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent was to create a character and then costume that character throughout her life.

35. I can absolutely die tomorrow. I would not care because I feel like I have lived. I feel like I've had a great life and I've experienced everything I could've experienced in my life. I don't wanna die. There are lots of things I'd like to do. I'd like to think my window's not quite gone yet but I'm comfortable enough and at peace enough with having lived and having experienced death doesn't freak me out at all.

36. I enjoy the speed of fashion. I love doing different things and I think I still have something valid to say in fashion.

37. 90 percent of my success is my drive. There are a lot of designers who are more creative. But maybe they don't work as hard. Maybe they don't have my drive.

38. I just want to make beautiful, glamorous clothes.

39. I have learned over the years, you should do some thing first and then talk about it. Not talk about it talk it up. Because then you talk things up to a level where you can't possibly live up to people's expectations.

40. I think that monogamy is artificial. I do not think it's something that comes naturally to us.

41. Moving fashion used to be one of my chief goals. It's not necessarily any more. Fashion needs to change when life changes. You only need to move fashion forward when there's a reason to move fashion forward.

42. I think the 1970s will always be the decade for me. Obviously, I grew up in that era, but the beauty standard was touchable, kissable.

43. Nothing lasts. And that's in a way the beauty of it all. Once you can accept this, nothing lasts.

44. L.A. is my American city.

45. A few times in my life I've had moments of clarity where the silence drowns out the noise and I can feel rather than think.

46. Most everyone now personally knows someone who is openly homosexual.

47. Just look at the Paris Hilton phenomenon and the way every other teenager looks like a prostitute.

48. When I'm in town, I sit in front of my computer, connected to the world. I need to go away in order to think.

49. On the one hand, I want to go off and live in the desert with my dog and sculpt things out of adobe.

50. I like to just have fun and be silly and say pretty much whatever comes into my mind, do pretty much whatever I want.

51. Once upon a time we did not focus on a president's private life.

52. Over the last twenty or thirty years, which in the scheme of things is fast, we've become comfortable as a society with homosexuality.

53. September 11th was a moment when America had the sympathy of the world.

54. When we began the war with Iraq, I made a statement that, although I was proud to be an American, I was embarrassed by the actions of our administration.

55. If you live in a small town, or a place where everyone is more or less the same, it's easy to dislike anyone you don't know.

56. Students in the '60s were responsible for great changes, politically and socially.

57. Their bats are starting to warm up. They usually have a lineup that has some pop in it.

58. The U.S. used to be perceived as the moral leader of the world, and we have absolutely lost that.

59. But I hate to say it, because people are going to laugh when they read that Tom Ford thinks he might go into politics.

60. We have the Terminator as governor, and we had an actor as president, so why shouldn't we have a fashion designer as a senator?

61. It's a neutral that goes with everything…and the caramels range really from real caramel all the way to sort of flesh, nude, almost a pink shade. And I think those neutrals, both on the foot and in the hand, look new this season. 

62. When I was a kid, I thought I was going to be an actor.

63. It totally changes your walk. It's a different kind of sexy when you have on a lower heel, and I start always with the shoe.

64. I don't do shows. I don't have reviews. I'm not putting the clothes on every celebrity so that by the time they reach the store the customers are sick of seeing them.

65. We have a stronger shoulder. We have a really fitted waist. We have a very accentuated chest…The bra is actually the accessory of the season. Every look has got a bra - and those bras, they're not sort of subtle. 

66. My grandmother was probably the first person who I thought was beautiful. She was incredibly stylish, she had big hair, big cars. I was probably 3 years old, but she was like a cartoon character. She'd swoop into our lives with presents and boxes, and she always smelled great and looked great.

67. No long skirts. Not for day, not for evening, which is a big change.

68. We're still trading on that whole flash thing, and for me the Paris Hilton thing is almost an evolution too far of that.

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