Monday, June 24, 2013

Tommy Lee Quotes

1. When they're at the concert, very few of those people are going to be standing there, sober, watching your show.

2. Once the song is done and recorded, I like to go back and then cut the drums, because then I know exactly what the song needs, and what it doesn't need.

3. We had toga parties. You name it we did it.

4. The Radiohead record, The Bends is my all-time favorite record on the planet.

5. Well, some people die and then they sell more records, go figure.

6. Whenever I write, I only write about what I know or what I have experienced or feeling.

7. I don't really put too much emphasis on what somebody else might think of it. Otherwise your putting limits on yourself.

8. Imagine how frustrating it is, being completely locked up and watching your family leave, your wife and children, and not being able to do anything about it.

9. Just because we are wearing lipstick doesn't mean we can't kick your ass!

10. I'm happy doing what I'm doing, and if you have that kind of attitude then everything else from there on is a bonus.

11. Whether it's crazy, fun stuff or bad - my life has been really fun and really exciting definitely never been dull.

12. You never know what's going to happen sometimes, or what you think's going to happen never happens, or when you least expect it, the Santana record comes along and just blows up.

13. I check into hotels under my alias, Mr. Happy.

14. I'm a hopeless fu**ing romantic. That's a part of me that a lot of people don't know about. They know everything there is to know about another part of me, but not a thing about my heart.

15. Not off the snare, but I used to fill up a beer cap to the brim and smash the f... into my nose and play the last two songs of an encore. Definitely yeah.

16. I got it: stay away from cocaine and heroin.

17. It sounds kind of strange, but Jail time was almost a good experience for me.

18. (when asked about getting a baby-sitter for his kids) I don't want a fat mexican woman beating the crap out of my son.

19. When I was a little kid, I took tap and ballet. I've always loved to dance. I'm a rhythm machine.

20. But you know what I'm trying to say, it's that there's a couple of really dangerous drugs out there and I've lost some friends to them.

21. I was just reading some poetry, and it talked about how things start as one thing and change into another, and I just thought, what a great concept for a song.

22. So there we were shooting Jack Daniels into our veins, like what the f... we can just drink it.

23. (about a track on his solo album) I wrote it about a friend of mine who married his high school sweet heart. They had a baby together and one day, when the baby was about four months old, my friends wife was driving down the road by herself, pulled over to the side and she just died in her car.

24. Let's put our zippers at half mast!

25. There's no new news.

26. You can rock shit as loud as you want, as hard as you want, but there's a soft side to every artist. You gotta have something more to say other than ("throws up devil horns") "YEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!" There's gotta be more, otherwise you'd be fake.

27. I also did some jail time a few years ago. Spent a whole summer in jail reading books. I pumped a ton of new knowledge and new thinking into myself.

28. Also when I write, I try to write about stuff that everyone gets.

29. I took tap dancing lessons when I was about 9 to 11. It helped my drumming a lot. I learned rhythm and patterns. I dug it and I got to dance girls.

30. Why is it that the hot chicks never can sing?

31. At least for me, everything I need is right inside here. I don't need anything.

32. Marriage is the only war where one sleeps with the enemy.

33. I always try to play what the song needs.

34. There was one dude in a jeans jacket who I swear to God shit in his pants when all of a sudden I was inches away from his face playing drums in the air.

35. I find that doing the drums last, coming from a drum history, really works well for me.

36. Getting married in four days was the biggest…mistake I've ever made. I have two beautiful kids, but…how can you know somebody in four days? Bonehead.

37. I think in the last year or so I've gotten good at not letting it bother me, just doing what I do, and not thinking about everybody else so much.

38. If you show up late (for anger management), you don't get credit for the class, which made that car ride even more of a test of your temper. Being late was great-you could leave if you wanted to, but that wasn't going to help you at all. I was late a few times and I always stayed, hoping to get credit for good behavior. I never did, and that made me really f... angry. Thank God I was learning how to deal with that.

39. I want to hear melody I want people to sing to my music.

40. Nikki lives around the corner from me and I see him all the time. We talk a lot, and of course we're still friends. That was our baby, Motley Crue, we put that band together.

41. It's all about the music. For me, that's truly what I live for. Just music constantly. Always listening to, writing, or playing music. That's definitely me.

42. On Ecstasy, Joan Rivers looks like Pamela Anderson, so imagine what Pamela Anderson looked like.

43. That's the good part of having my past follow me, is that sometimes some of that stuff can help.

44. One day, after practice, he came up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder, and as I turned around, he sucker-punched me and relocated my nose to the other side of my face. What up, Mr. Drum Captain? How's your drumming going, bro? Played any arenas lately?

45. There's Tommy, Tommy Lee the rock star, and Tommy the dad. I'm wearing several hats these days.

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