Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Elizabeth Berkley Plastic Surgery

American television, film and theater actress Elizabeth Berkley, best known for her roles as brainy feminist Jessie Spano in the television series "Saved by the Bell" and as exotic stripper Nomi Malone in the 1995 Paul Verhoeven film "Showgirls", is rumored to have had plastic surgery to improve her looks.

Berkley, 40, is speculated to have had a nose job, boob job, botox injections, dermal fillers, micro-dermabrasion and even a facelift.

For her role in "Showgirls", many people believe that Berkley underwent a boob job, so she could fit the part better.

Looking back when she was starring in "Saved by the Bell", Elizabeth had a small breast while her current breast seems slightly bigger and fuller than before, an indication of a boob job

There is also an estimation that Berkley's breast size many have increased due to weight gain.

In addition to a boob job, Berkley was also rumored to have gotten a conservative nose job and liposuction as well to make her appearance different and separate herself from her role in "Showgirls".

Some doctors insist that Berkley's neck looks thinner than what it was in the past, so it is possible that she had liposuction performed to thin out her appearance.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Shafer was quoted as saying: "After viewing the pictures, I suspect that Elizabeth has had some nose work, but it is hard to tell for sure. In some views, her neck appears thinner as well, which may indicate some liposuction was performed."

In some views, Elizabeth's face appears very smooth, a possible sign of dermal fillers and botox.

Aesthetic plastic surgery Dr. Sherrell Aston explained: "Elizabeth Berkley is beautiful woman and is aging very well. It is possible that she is using Botox and micro-dermabrasion to keep her face looking so good. It is also possible the she underwent Breast Augmentation Surgery based on her before and after photographs."

Also, some people assume that Elizabeth might have gotten a facelift, because her face doesn't show any wrinkles.

Conclusion: With or without plastic surgery Elizabeth Berkley looks spectacular as her face and skin appear as smooth as ever. As for her frame, she maintains her enviable body in great shape! 

What do you think? Did Elizabeth Berkley have plastic surgery?

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