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Liam Payne Quotes

1. I was bullied by a few people who were much older than me. I went to camp to learn boxing. I was 12, and my coach was 24. I felt like if I could fight him, I could stand up to anyone.

2. I try to be cool, but I'm not very good at it.

3. You gotta live hardcore to be hardcore.

4. I tell you what I got confused with the other day - my mate came over for the first time ever to America and he had some rubbish in his hand. And rubbish is obviously trash over here and trash is bin in England. So he's like: "Excuse me can I put this in the bin?" and she was like "Bin? Bin?" and he was in the shop like "Yeah bin," 'cause he didn't really know what was going on.

5. You usually hear Niall before see him.

6. In restaurants, when I don't know where the spoons have been, I can't use them. But I can use all the other cutlery.

7. I was always called Payne or Payno.

8. I'm a massive softy!

9. Cats are evil. They just sit there and look at you. You know they're plotting world domination, just waiting for that moment to pounce.

10. Niall's bum is like a time bomb.

11. Love is all about communication so we'd go hand-in-hand on a romantic stroll through a park and I'd buy her flowers.

12. Here is a pig in a blanket, otherwise known as a sausage with bacon wrapped around it.

13. Got nothing to say, say nothing at all.

14. There's a Hollywood strip where you get all the people dressed up as Superman, and the boys thought it would be funny to put me on there and say I was Justin Bieber.

15. I was ill. I was told I was stressed, so I had to get everything checked out. I didn't think I was, but someone told me I was. As a result, I went to get a blood test. I'd never had one before, so I held my breath when I was getting it done. That caused me to go into a fit.

16. I like the name Taylor. Taylor's pretty neutral for a boy or a girl. That's what I'm going to call my first child if I had children.

17. I'm an old fashioned romantic.

18. I realized today how much I care about my boys, sounds cheesy but they're the best four mates I could have asked for.

19. Zayn once took food off Niall's plate and you should have seen the look Niall gave him.

20. After a concert I realized that the bus was leaving without me so I was running and screaming and the boys thought I was a fan.

21. If I had to pick a sixth member of One Direction, it would be batman

22. I feel like Niall is my little brother, because I always think he is the youngest of the band.

23. I'd be a birthday cake, because I'd have a year before I get eaten.

24. It's important to have a life outside the band.

25. Niall is always hungry because he has an angel eating inside of him.That's why he sings like one.

26. We are ourselves. People enjoy what we do because we don't hide anything.

27. I smile and think; This is my job, this is what I do for a living, and it's what I've always wanted.

28. I can never be really, like really horrible to someone.

29. None of our fans are ugly. Everyone's beautiful.

30. The security is not just for us, it is there to keep the girls safe too.

31. I don't like to be single. When I met Danielle I was with a girlfriend. We broke up and within four weeks I was with Danielle, so I've never really been single.

32. There's nothing that can separate us.

33. We can be a bit immature at times, but I'm known as the more mature one.

34. We've always described our sound as a bit more guitar driven than normal pop music. Kind of Pink in a boy band form. We've heard a few people say that so now we use it. I think Pink is amazing person to be compared to.

35. People sometimes ask if I want to be a solo artist, but it just wouldn't be any fun being on your own.

36. I don't like girls who are all up in your face. A nice pair of peepers helps too.

37. Harry's fans are so hardcore, you wouldn't believe.

38. My mom got pushed over by a pink power ranger.

39. I've always preferred having a girlfriend to just seeing people.

40. Please stay 1D fan forever, we need you guys!

41. We're on the roof and I'm absolutely freezing my peanuts off!!

42. It's so amazing to hear a crowd of people singing one of our songs. It's the best feeling.

43. If I was Simon Cowell for a day, I'd buy a bouncy castle, and jump on it. Then…pour ketchup on myself!

44. Un sacapuntas, that is a pencil sharpener in spanish.

45. One Direction have to do their own ironing you don't see Take That doing their own ironing!

46. I think sometimes I don't realize how much the pressure gets to me.

47. Live your dream and never wake up.

48. I think I've changed a little bit. I don't know whether it's for the better or for the worse at the moment. I've settled into a different mind frame now...being a bit wilder maybe!

49. Niall is obsessed with Barack Obama, he knows everything about him.

50. Harry is like a younger brother, we do exercises together then he asks me to prepare a sandwich for the effort.

51. We just got our award and broke it. That's a good start.

52. We went to a farm and they offered us to ride horses, there were only 4 horses so Harry rode a cow.

53. I met Zayn at McDonalds.

54. My first crush was called Emily and I asked her out by the lockers at school by singing to her and she dumped me the next day.

55. Dreams are like stars. You may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.

56. Niam is real.

57. Girls are the same all over the world, aren't they? They're all beautiful.

58. At a scale from 1 to 10. I'm probably at 6 when it comes to flirting. I'm quite shy.

59. Every time you smile, I smile. And every time you shine I shine for you.

60. We made a 100,000 viewers tonight, so I can go to sleep a very very happy little chappy.

61. Whenever I'm sad I just imagine babies with moustaches.

62. Our dolls were on a shelf and Justin Bieber's doll was next to us, and his doll was taller than mine.

63. I came home one day and one of my turtles was missing a foot.

64. I wonder why Batman can't fly like Superman.

65. Believe it or not, but even when I'm sleeping, I'm dreaming about meeting fans.

66. Apparently I was Matito but Niall was definitely Dick.

67. Someone told me today that I change my hair more than I change my boxers, well my friends are so funny as you can see.

68. Oh My God, Head & Shoulders please!

69. (being asked what's the meanest thing he has ever done) Once I didn't say "god bless you" after someone sneezed.

70. I've always had a strange fear of spoons.

71. I'd love to do A Britney and shave my hair one day.

72. Harry is the biggest flirt, without a doubt. He is terrible.

73. When I was little I always said that I wanted a brother and now it's like I have four of them.

74. The worst thing a boy could do to a girl? Personally, I think it's to ignore her for a little while whilst she's loving you with all her heart.

75. When you open Niall's wallet, the first thing you see is a picture of Justin Bieber and a picture of us.

76. I would make Harry my personal slave and would make him drive me places.

77. I had a test on my kidneys a few weeks back and found out I have two.

78. Everyone does smelly poo sometimes. It's a motto that i live by.

79. If I could live in the past, I'd be a colonial woman churning butter.

80. I would…learn how to drive…have a nice car…and drive it.

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