Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lucy Liu Plastic Surgery

American actress, model, artist and occasional film producer Lucy Liu, best known for her roles in "Ally McBeal", "Charlie's Angels", "Kill Bill", "Payback", "Chicago" and  "Kung Fu Panda", is rumored to have gotten plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time.

Liu, now 44, is estimated to have had botox injections to keep her skin smooth, but she doesn't appear to succumb to invasive plastic surgery.

It has to be noted that Lucy doesn't even get facials, peels or dermabrasion. She also stays away from coffee for fear that it might affect her skin.

In a recent interview, Liu was quoted as saying: "I think caffeine can be really bad for your skin. And I don't get facials, ever…I think they damage your skin. People are getting peels and dermabrasion, and anything with the word "abrasion" doesn't work for me. I also think a lot of plastic surgery hurts your skin."

We should take into consideration that Lucy Liu is blessed with good genes, works out a lot (running, pilates, yoga), follows a healthy diet and takes really great care of herself.

What do you think of Lucy Liu's plastic surgery?

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