Monday, August 26, 2013

Olivia Newton John's Daughter Chloe Lattanzi On Cocaine And Alcohol Addiction

Olivia Newton John's daughter has opened up about her four year battle with depression and anxiety, which led her to cocaine and alcohol addiction.

Chloe Lattanzi, 27, has spent the last seven months in a treatment facility and in a new interview with Women's Day she spoke out about her life in Los Angeles, where she started her tragic downfall abusing drugs and booze.

"By this point I had a severe panic disorder where out of the blue my heart rate would jack up and you would be shaky and dizzy and you would think you were going to die," Lattanzi was quoted as saying.

"Telling your mum you have a problem with alcohol and cocaine is not easy," Lattanzi admitted.

Chloe described what would occur with her panic attacks when she would drink and do cocaine.

"I started to get into the party scene, drinking every night, and then before long I got introduced to cocaine and all of a sudden the combination of those two things took away all the fear and depression and that is when the cycle began," Lattanzi claimed.

Lattanzi told Women's Day that she was starting to spend $120 every two days on drugs.

"I was using most days and nights. And not only was I doing coke, I was drinking vodka heavily also. I had to combine the two", Chloe noted.

"I was so out of it during this time I don't even remember waking up most mornings. I'm honestly surprised I did not have a heart attack," Lattanzi continued.

Chloe eventually checked into rehab in 2011, but after her 30-day treatment she had a relapse.

"Before long I was using again and was trying to hide it from James (Driskill) because I was terrified he would leave me," Chloe stated.

Chloe said that she concealed her drug and alcohol use from her loved ones.

Chloe revealed it was a night with her mother in the United States when she got drunk and confessed to Olivia that she needed help. The iconic "Grease" star recruited Dr. Drew Pinsky to help her daughter and Chloe checked into rehab and then sober living for seven months.

"I honestly felt that for the first time in my life there was hope," Lattanzi admitted, adding: I am really proud of how far I've come and so are all of my family and James. Just recently I had a conversation with my mum about all I had been through and she told me she was really proud of me for not having secrets anymore, for being open and honest about what I was going through."

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