Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Perrie Edwards Quotes

1. (on her style) My style icon is Kelly Kapowski from "Saved By The Bell". I also like Madonna's style when she was quite punk. I like Kelly's colorful style, especially for summer, but in the winter I try a bit of Madonna's style.

2. (on Zayn Malik) He gives us all advice. Every time he comes over and when we're getting our hair and make-up done he'll just sit and chat with us. It's really nice having him there to talk to. If I'm ever unsure about things, or me and the girls are like: "What does this mean? We need advice", we'll always ask him.

3. Things do happen and it's not you that changes, it's your life that changes.

4. I love my sleep.

5. I want Little Mix to explode and be massive, then I think we'll all settle down and get married and have kids and stuff like that. It's going to be lovely. I can't wait.

6. I feel like a piece of meat…I'm a person, not a lamb chop.

7. I was always the one at school nobody fancied and I've only ever had one proper relationship.

8. In this industry you have to be fit and healthy. You need to eat the right things for energy but then, at the same time, we're just really casual with what we eat. We're not going to be like: "Oh I'm going to starve myself today". We're not going to be strict on ourselves for trying to lose weight. We just eat what we want and whatever makes us happy we're gonna do.

9. I love France!

10. (on Zayn Malik) Zayn is so lovely. You know things are good when you can't wait to see the other person. 

11. I can't wait to get married and have kids but it's Little Mix at the minute.

12. They can rip you bring you down, down to their size, but they will never get to the heart you hold inside.

13. Don't worry, be hippy!

14. (on Zayn Malik) It's a sense of friendship. The main thing I looked for is if he's fun to be around, if I can have a laugh with him. When it's more of a friendship, it can blossom.

15. My dad has a house in France!

16. Believe in yourself and don't care about haters.

17. As much as I love food, I'd have to save my girls!

18. Girls just want to have fun!

19. (on dating One Direction's Zayn Malik) To survive long distance we talk to each other every day either on the phone or on Skype. I think keeping each other updated on what's going on and having something to talk about is the main key. I always save my funny stories to tell him!

20. I hope we get to America! That would be insane!

21. Can we all just get along like we used to in Primary School and bake cakes with pretty rainbows and paint pictures?

22. (on Zayn Malik) I'd been on a few dates in the past with other boyfriends that didn't go too well - I'd had loads of dating disasters! Zayn would never leave me with the bill like the other boys used to do!

23. Right now I'm pouring my heart out and she's pulling faces.

24. The thing that's good is that we are all different, so every girl can relate to one or other of us.

25. When it comes to dates, I just like going to the cinema or having a night in. I can't stand fancy restaurant meals because I just get embarrassed because I'll get food all over myself. Things like bowling, shopping, or going to the park are less awkward.

26. It's better to be different.

27. I think that you should never give up.

28. Jennifer Aniston is so amazing! Love her!

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