Thursday, August 15, 2013

Worst Celebrity Selfies

Celebrities always blame the paparazzi for capturing their moves 24/7, so it is surprising that they love nothing more than taking pictures of THEMSELVES!  

           Dougie Poynter

So ironic they are trying too hard, making a spectacle of themselves…

                                      Katy Perry

                                        Lady Gaga

                                       Justin Bieber

                                       Miley Cyrus

                                       Cara Delevingne

                                      Kim Kardashian

                                     Justin Bieber

                                         Claire Richards

                                       Justin Bieber

                                           Greg James

                                   Amanda Seyfried

                                     Kim Kardashian

                                     Lena Dunham

                                          Heidi Klum

                                     Geraldo Rivera

                                    Lindsay Lohan

                                     Kim Kardashian

                                          Keith Lemon

                                      Ricky Gervais

                                     Amanda Bynes



                                       Tyra Banks

                                        Chris Brown

                                          Lydia Bright

                                       Hilary Duff

                                         Professor Green

                                      Lindsay Lohan

                                       James Franco 

                                      Kelly Osbourne

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